It’s an easy and abundant universe.

At the intersection of business and personal transformation lies The Spirit of Wealth…

An extraordinary facilitation for your greatest life.
And your greatest income.


Luxury Retreat

In-person or via live stream, your choice.

Mastermind with women who have your back and understand the challenges of quantum leaping... because you want a community of smart, driven women and to access the power of the Mastermind. Amira will lead master level teaching on Universal Law and goal achievement, as well as the masterminding. (All expenses paid except travel)

Belief Reprogramming Training and Playbook for rapid goal achievement!

Get-It Done Creation Playbook Workshop in January.

Tickets to both of the 2021 Unstoppable Woman Summits! 

Two in-Person Masterclass Days adjacent to the Summits.

Three Transformational Photoshoot Experiences for branding and to capture your transformation.

Access the power of the group on (9) Monthly Spotlight Session Mastermind Calls.

(9) Monthly Teaching Calls on how to use and live the Universal Laws.

Private Facebook Group for ongoing Masterminding.

Small mastermind cohorts for accountability and further masterminding.

Access to our library of past Spirit of Wealth teaching call!

Plus, make massive progress with our proprietary

Designed to give you:




So you can take massive needle-moving action!

Stay accountable and stay on track!

Plus, get the following bonuses:

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The Spirit of Wealth for enrollment.

When you’re really going for it… building your empire, defining your destiny, and playing a much bigger game… you must bring ALL of yourself, your greatness and your creative power, to the table and not back down because...

Limiting the full expression of Who You Really Are directly limits your ability to quantum leap your income and your life. It keeps you trapped in fear, going slow, and making incremental progress.

It results in a life of regret rather than stepping into your full potential and living a life of freedom.

Deciding to go for it though isn’t for the faint of heart. The journey is both exhilarating and terrifying and requires more of you.

  • It requires you to claim the Truth of Who You Are... Your worth, your beauty, and your undiminished essence.
  • It requires you to step into the Polarity of… your strength and vulnerability, your masculine and feminine, your drive and openness to receive, your action and faith, and your intellect and feelings.
  • It requires you to master the mental aspects of success… your innate ability to achieve whatever you want, close the gap on time, face your fears with persistence, determination, and heart, and live in accordance with Laws of the Universe.

Listen to Amira answer questions other women had about The Spirit of Wealth:

“In a very short period of time I've raised my energy and gained so much momentum in my business and life.”

In the time we’ve worked together the changes in mindset, combined with tactical strategies, have been truly life-changing. In a very short period of time I have raised my energy and gained so much momentum in my business and life. The combination of your sage guidance and the support and wisdom of the mastermind continues to amaze me.

When the current craziness came to the world, I could have easily gone into a tailspin. Instead, I looked at my business creatively and pivoted, quickly focusing on a product offering we have that is highly needed in this environment. I feel so good being able to help other entrepreneurs during tumultuous times. The combination of truly believing that the universe wants me to live in abundance, combined with working smart, has already started to yield amazing results. I am so excited about continuing the up-leveling. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Elizabeth Morris
Chief Operating Officer

Stepped into ease and who she truly is.

I learned to take action but not from a place of fear and old beliefs that I had to work super hard on everything. Now I have this feeling of relaxation and I can handle whatever's coming at me. It's no longer reactivity. It was a big switch.

Susan Nagl
Health Coach

A predictable path to success.

The previous year I was almost a half a million dollar business, but I had this sense that there was more. I now feel like there's a predictable path to success and that comes from the mastermind and learning the Laws. There's this sense of confidence around how to grow in a truly easeful and joyful way.

Laura Brandenburg
Bridging the Gap

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© 2013-2021 Amira Alvarez.
All Rights Reserved.
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