Stop Worrying Yourself Sick | Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

By Amira Alvarez

This special episode is part of our Morning Mindset Club Series, where we invite you to join me in my morning ritual of studying prosperity and success. We’re kicking this series off by taking you into one of my favorite texts, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Today, I want to talk about how to eliminate excessive health anxiety! During these uncertain times, it’s crucial to stay safe and take extra precautions to protect ourselves and our loved ones—but do you find yourself questioning whether your anxiety is out of proportion to your actual risk? Overworrying about any health condition can backfire! It doesn’t just weaken your immune system, but you can also literally “worry yourself sick” as your body starts to mimic symptoms of the very disease you fear. Listen in to uncover how this is showing up for you so that you can break the cycle for good!

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What To Listen For

  • The exercise excuses you need to stop making TODAY
  • Telltale signs of the fear of ill health—and how to overcome it for good
  • Change your thoughts, change your results
  • THIS tendency (which masks itself as a healthy & innovative habit) is actually rooted in the fear of ill health!
  • The way you think about sickness can help you resist it… how to change your susceptibility

Bonus Content

  • What’s your “stopping pattern”? The most common ways people prevent themselves from breaking through
  • The nocebo effect—how negative assumptions can harm your health


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