Using Leadership Weaknesses to Your Advantage | Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

By Amira Alvarez

This special episode is part of our Morning Mindset Club Series, where we invite you to join me in my morning ritual of studying prosperity and success. We’re kicking this series off by taking you into one of my favorite texts, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

As a leader, should you try to improve in the areas where you’re weak? Some say you shouldn’t waste your time, recommending you delegate your weak spots and stick to what you’re already good at. But others argue it’s beneficial to examine your weaknesses and push yourself to grow in those areas. For me, I believe you have to do a bit of both! I approach this one with the 80/20 rule. To find out exactly what I mean, and how you should follow this advice to find the perfect balance of pushing yourself and delegating… tune in! We’re diving into how to use leadership weaknesses to your advantage and so much more!!

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What To Listen For

  • How hating the rich is keeping you poor
  • Why you have a fear of failure (and how to overcome it)
  • Learning to accept the past and embrace the present
  • Keep growing your talent—regardless of the level of success you reach!
  • How to be assertive without being aggressive

Bonus Content

  • Mom guilt is a REAL THING—how to prevent it from sabotaging your entrepreneurship goals
  • How to raise resourceful, self-sufficient kids
  • Is there a “right way” to parent?


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