How to Access Your “Go Out and Slay” Energy

By Amira Alvarez

This special episode is part of our Morning Mindset Club Series, where we invite you to join me in my morning ritual of studying prosperity and success. We’re kicking this series off by taking you into one of my favorite texts, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

What are you thinking all day long? Because whatever it is, that’s what is getting impressed into your subconscious mind. So if you’re not thinking about your big, juicy goal, then we have a problem! Your subconscious is what drives your actions. It’s the directive force in your life. So you want to be very intentional about what you’re putting in your subconscious. That means you have to start filtering stuff out, too – anything isn’t conducive to the goals you want to achieve. Want to learn how?

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What To Listen For

  • How to access your “go out and slay” energy
  • What are you allowing into your subconscious?
  • Make sure that you stay emotionally involved in your goal – in a positive way
  • This thing may make you feel uncontrollable… be cautious!
  • You must learn how to readily shift between your feminine and masculine essences – here’s why

Bonus Content (31:46)

  • The four steps that will ensure your true desire stays present
  • You have to want your success more than you crave the safety of certainty


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