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Shift Your Mindset to Leverage Your Time

By Amira Alvarez

If you don’t know how to leverage your time, you’re always going to be stuck in the same mindset of chasing your tail, overwhelmed, and wondering how everyone else does it.

In order to MOVE BEYOND THE OVERWHELM and into scale (i.e. making more money, having more impact, doing your genius work more of the time) you must shift your mindset and move beyond your blocks to leveraging your time.


Here are the top 5 ways…

1. Discover the Solution to Shiny Object Syndrome

To start scaling quickly, you have to pin down the key thing that pulls you off-track and distracts you. Most people have no idea what this is, but it keeps you from really focusing on the things that matter.

Distraction and shiny object syndrome look slightly different for everyone—you might go into overwhelm, confusion, freeze-mode… But once you discover the root cause of this and release it, you finally give yourself the freedom to feel successful at the end of every day, and on a larger scale, start achieving your big income goals.

Do you know what it is that’s pulling you off track?

It’s never what you think it is. That first answer you came up with is not it, otherwise you would have taken care of that by now.

There’s a core issue at play here, and that’s we’ll be diving deep into at The Summit.

2. Utilize the Power of Accountability and Start Crushing Your Goals

In order to leverage your time, you must have structured support and accountability to stay on track… ‘cause let’s face it… life happens and even with the best of intentions, you’re human and going to be pulled in a million different directions with all of your competing priorities and responsibilities.

You need to develop your commitment to the tactical actions required to stay accountable and persistent as you pursue your big, juicy goals.
This is the only way you can truly scale your business.

The Summit is designed to give you clarity and focus so that you can take the massive action required, but it doesn’t just stop there. I’m going to introduce you to an accountability process that will help you get out of your own way so that you leverage your time and actually do the things that will grow your business.

3. Put Yourself In a ‘Higher Standard’ Environment 

Are you someone who does or doesn’t want to grow?

When you put yourself in an environment where people are working at a higher level, you will realize you need to make some quick decisions to clean up the way you use your time.

Then guess what happens??? YOU GROW FAST!

If you avoid this because you don’t want to see how you might not measure up, you stagnate and stay stuck. Tough as it may be, one of the best things you could do for yourself is put yourself in an environment that holds you to a higher standard, where everyone is going for more.

One of the biggest reasons so many women love my summits is that they make connections with other like-minded women that hold them to a higher standard… women who are driven, women who are owning their power, women who want MORE out of life. Women who are spirit-driven and are open to the idea of manifestation and creating in an easier way with similar a mindset. Join this community today.

4. Create a Success Plan to Scale Your Business in Record Time

To leverage your time you must take the right action to scale.

Are you 100% confident in the actions you’re taking? If not, then you’ll always be unfocused, distracted, jumping from one thing to another.

This is a waste of time… and quite frankly your life. How much longer are you going to let the days, weeks, months pass being confused?

This is no way to live. It’s essential that you have a plan.

At The Summit we spend a whole day developing your success plan, and your ticket even comes with a FREE private Success Strategy session with our amazing Strategic Advisor, Michele!

Let’s create a plan to scale, so you can leverage your time and move out of “feast and famine” for good!!

5. Get Out of Your Own Way and Unlock the Goldmine In Your Mindset

Let’s face it… if you’ve got a big internal block, no business strategy is going to work and you’re always going to be spinning your wheels wasting time. Your mindset about what’s possible will always find a way to sabotage your progress.

At the Summit, we’ll be diving deep into how to release those internal blocks so you can create consistent cash flow and unlock that goldmine which is WAITING FOR YOU but wrapped up in how you think about yourself, others and the world.

I want to teach you exactly how to put all of the above steps on steroids so that you can be a badass about leveraging your time and SCALING. :)

There’s a formula for this, and I’m going to teach you this in detail at The Unstoppable Woman Income Breakthrough Summit.

After we’re finished, you’ll know how to leverage your time, create consistent cash flow, and scale your income and impact.

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