Amira Alvarez shows audiences how to become truly UNSTOPPABLE.

Looking for a speaker to command everyone at your event to step into their greatness?

You’ve found her in Amira Alvarez.


Amira delivers breakthroughs...

“The transformations began right away. I got answers, experienced breakthroughs, and now see more clearly what is possible for me in the next phase of my career. And I'm excited about it!” 

Carolyn Connell, Keller Williams Real Estate Agent

Amira shines a spotlight on the unstoppable life that’s possible for anyone and empowers audiences to go for it.


Amira is an authority on sales…

“In a matter of minutes, she can transform the process of sales from something that's intimidating and overwhelming to something that’s empowering and energizing.”

Kyle Gray, The Story Engine

Amira teaches income generation tools she’s personally used to 5X her own income, as well as double, triple, and even quadruple her clients’ income.


Amira’s teachings aren’t just theory…

"The previous year I was almost a half a million dollar business, but I had this sense that there was more. I now feel like there's a predictable path to success and that comes from this experience and learning the Laws of Success. There's this sense of confidence around how to grow in a truly easeful and joyful way."

Laura Brandenburg

Amira distills the Laws of Success into simple, practical steps... leaving audiences ready to take inspired action and scale their career and business.

Meet Amira

Amira Alvarez is the founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping entrepreneurs, empire builders, and rising stars in all fields achieve their dreams and goals in record time.  

As someone who has made a quantum leap (going from barely making 6-figures to making $700k in one year, then onto 7-figures) and has lived to tell about it, she knows exactly what tactical strategies and mindset shifts are required to get out of your own way, live life on your own terms, and master the art of achieving any goal you set your mind to.

​She uses these strategies to help her high-achieving clients, go for their "i'm-possible" dreams and achieve them in record time, whether that be reaching that million dollar mark, building a business empire, or making an impact in the arts, entertainment, or sports.

Amira is proud to have helped thousands of women (and a goodly number of men too) confidently break free of limitations and be unstoppable in pursuit of a life they are proud to have lived. When she's not helping others, she's continuing to say "yes" to her own growth and stays 100% committed to being unstoppable in her own life and business.

Amira has served individuals in a wide range of industries including real estate, business consulting, the arts, coaching, law, medicine, as well as corporate leaders.

With Amira at your event, audience members are sure to leave with both actionable tactics and the success mindset required to execute on them.

Speaking Topics

All talks provide actionable tactics and strategies on how to scale your career and business while addressing the success mindset required to execute on them.

“I have to admit I found myself re-quoting Amira for weeks… She's a brilliant, heart-full entrepreneur.”

Sharon Mor, The Savvy Spirit

Making Money is Mathematically Easy:
Why Are You Making It Hard?

Why do some businesses or careers skyrocket while others struggle or plateau? Most women think working more hours is the path to success, but it’s actually a path to burnout. Amira’s a-ha moment came when she realized she couldn’t 10x her work hours to 10x her income -- and discovered a better way to make a financial breakthrough. In this paradigm-shifting talk, Amira shares the three ways to significantly increase your income, why most people are making scaling their business harder than it needs to be, and the Freedom Equation that allows you to chart a clear course to your income goal.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Identifying which of the three ways to scale works for their business.
  • How to immediately recognize their own blocks to taking the most essential, needle-moving action.
  • In-depth understanding of The Freedom Equation and how to apply it to reach your income goals.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and women leaders in the workplace who are struggling to maximize their time, scale their impact, and earn more without working harder.

Cracking the Code of Income Generation:
Master Sales, Master Financial Freedom

Sales is what moves money! If you’re not experiencing the kind of income you want, chances are, you haven't mastered sales. Amira shows audiences exactly how to move through self-doubt and fear of rejection and make the path to “YES” simple and clear. This powerful talk takes your audience through the exact questions to ask to effectively and authentically make consistent sales, all while showing up in the highest service to your clientele.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Seven questions for seven-figure sales — the specific questions to ask to consistently make high-integrity, high-ticket sales.
  • The specific mindset shifts required to move through sales blocks and get over the fear of being "salesy."
  • The key ingredient you're looking for in any sales conversation, without which there is no sale.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales team members who want to increase their conversions... or for the woman in the workplace who needs to "sell" herself to get to the next level.  

Get Real: The Power of Influence and
Authenticity in Networking

You can't wait to get noticed. Doing a stellar job is not enough. To become a leader, make more money and have more impact, you must forge authentic, mutually-beneficial connections that lead to personal and professional growth. Yet often people become nervous, lose confidence, or feel like they have to put on a false front when interacting with influencers, leaders, or potential partners or clients. In this foundational talk, Amira shows audiences how to confidently own their worth and value and connect comfortably with others using The Impression of Increase.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Discover The Impression of Increase, why it's essential to mastering influence, and three key steps to develop and apply it.
  • Identify the true value you bring to the table and instantly raise your confidence and sense of self-worth in any situation.
  • Develop an "opening line" strategy for any situation (warm calls, cold calls, hallway interactions, text, DMs, events, and more) and authentically reach out to start conversations with people of influence and/or potential clients.

Sales team members, business owners, entrepreneurs, or leaders and women in the workplace who wants to master influence and maximize networking efforts.

Stop Playing Small and Commit To Making Your Impact

We're taught to play it safe and not be too big. How do you move through conditioned beliefs that limit your growth and sabotage your efforts to do more, have more, and be more?  How do you breakthrough “imposter syndrome” and the fears, anxieties, and double-binds that hold you back? Learn the mental aspect of success so you can move beyond your fears of putting yourself out there and start executing on your full potential and making the impact you want to. In this game-changing talk, Amira shares how to catapult growth and rapidly start achieving your goals and live your bucket list -- not someday, but today.

Actionable takeaways:

  • Identify the key component in stepping up and going for more… even when you’re not ready.
  • What personal and professional actions you must take immediately if you want to make a quantum leap in your career, revenue, income, or impact.
  • How to spot self-sabotaging behaviors and create a strategy to keep yourself in momentum when they crop up.

Corporate leaders and entrepreneurial women inside companies; entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders; empire builders wanting to make a bigger impact and live out their full potential.

Mastering Einstein Time: Beat Overwhelm Once and For All!

There's so much to do and so little time! Ever hear yourself saying that? If you find yourself struggling with balancing your priorities, feeling like you can never get ahead, and sense that you're on your way to burnout it's time for a different more effective approach. 

Actionable takeaways:

  • Learn the four foundational principles to unlock your ability to "warp" time. You already have this power. You just need to learn to access it!
  • Discover the mental stance that’s absolutely required to free yourself of time pressure and how to make that your default way of being.
  • The specific steps to take to start creating more time for your business and your life RIGHT NOW.

Leaders in the workplace, corporate team members, business owners, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to gain back control over their life.

Speaking Samples

Everyone has the potential for greatness, yet not everyone executes on It.

By applying the Laws of Success, anyone can create the income they desire and become truly unstoppable.

My commitment to you is that when I speak at your event, your audience will leave understanding exactly how they’re getting in their own way, what to do about it, and how to create the income and impact they desire.

I look forward to working together!

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