The Truth About Your Infinite Potential | Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

By Amira Alvarez

I want to talk about an attitude I see often. I work with many women who commit to consciously changing their self-limiting behaviors—yet after they make a bit of progress, some start to say things like… “Well, how long do I actually have to do this?” or “Is it really necessary that I do this every friggin day?”

Here’s the thing. These questions come from a fixed mindset. That’s saying “If only I get THERE.” And when you approach life like this, you’ll never experience the joy of growing yourself beyond your current limits. The truth is, you have to become someone for whom it’s fun to climb the mountains. That’s where the freedom comes in. That’s where life becomes a friggin delight!! And I want that for you. So let’s explore our next set of alibis (aka mountains to conquer) from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich! Which of these excuses are you using as an excuse to hold yourself back from your incredible potential?

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What To Listen For

  • Finding the grain of truth in your insecurities—and letting go of the rest
  • Spirit is always telling you exactly what your next step is and exactly how to get what you want. You just have to be willing to listen…
  • How to increase your visibility
  • To move forward in your life and business, you first have to let go of THIS 1 thing… listen in to find out what it is!

Bonus Content

  • Instead of rejecting yourself, learn how to move forward with confidence
  • Stop the sabotage and unleash your physical beauty!


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