You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

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7 Day Visibility Challenge Day 6

Amira Alvarez - Visibility Challenge



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Here’s what to do…

Watch the video.

It explains the challenge AND has slightly different info than what I write below, so I suggest both watching and reading.

Read this.Sometimes it’s hard to explicitly (and regularly) speak about what we’re selling…especially if our product or service feels very close to our heart and who we are.

Often we have all sorts of cultural and personal beliefs about what’s appropriate to say or not say… not to mention hang-ups about talking about how much things cost or the exchange of money.

So if today’s challenge makes you uncomfortable, I feel you.

But stay with me…

You’ve got to figure out how to be VISIBLE and CONSISTENTLY share your offer with the world and FEEL GOOD doing it to grow your business and earn more.

And this means more than just posting it on your website.

So let’s start by digging into where your resistance, if you have any, may stem from.

Could it have something to do with any one of the following?

// You don’t have a clear offer, meaning something clearly defined that someone can buy and that you can stand behind 100%.

// You don’t really feel like you can deliver on what you’re offering.

// You’re not clear about your bigger message, what’s so important about what you’re selling, so you’re not able to really talk about your offer in an authentic way.

// You don’t feel like what you’re offering is worth the money you’re charging.

// You don’t feel like you have enough experience or confidence to put it out there… that you’re not good enough.

// You don’t have the right words to talk about what you do or don’t know how to contextualize or introduce your offer into the world without being sales-y or sleazy.

// You feel like it’s crass or greedy to be so direct.

// You feel, in some non-conscious way, that you don’t deserve to earn good money or easy money.

// You feel, in some non-conscious way, that you’ll be overwhelmed, lose your freedom, or otherwise be negatively affected if you get more business.

All of these (and there’s so many more mindsets and issues) make it really HARD to put your offer out into the world.

They can stop you in your tracks.

To make it easier to not just speak about what you do, but put it out for sale, you need to problem-solve and clear what blocks you.

This means first figuring out what’s out of alignment for you or what’s got you blocked.

To do that, try putting your paid offer out into the world TODAY in a more visible way and see what comes up for you. Do you notice what your resistance is related to?

When you clear that resistance, it becomes much easier to invite people to buy your product or service.

When you clear that resistance, you can approach selling with a completely different energy… an energy not just of confidence, but of deep knowing that you’re being of service.

When you clear that resistance, putting your offer out into the world turns into a kind of giving, a true offering… rather than an uncomfortable sales-y, sleazy feeling.

So, now I challenge you… if you KNOW that what you have for sale will make your corner of the world a better place, share your goodness.

Get it out there. Don’t keep all your goodies to yourself.

Remember, if you do this already, it’s time to up your frequency or change up your methods. It’s time to go BIGGER.

Maybe you announce a raise in prices. Maybe you launch that product that’s been under wraps for ages. Maybe you reach out to a potential big league client. Be creative and stretch yourself. 

Use the companion workbook to track your ideas, move through the stuck bits, and set yourself up for more ease next time.

Do the challenge and celebrate.How did you present your paid offer? Let us know what you did, small or large, and we’ll celebrate with you. This is a BIG one and it deserves a BIG celebration.

Remember, every time you take a step that’s just outside your comfort zone, your comfort zone grows. This is how you grow your business!



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