EPISODE #431: 3 Questions To Ask That Will Elevate Your Relationships Using the Law of Vibration


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Have you ever wondered how to elevate your relationships? Those moments of stagnation in relationships, whether with clients, colleagues, friends, or even within yourself, can be quite telling.

Life revolves around our connections. When discomfort arises in any relationship, it's a signal — an invitation to grow.

In today's fast-paced world, nurturing relationships can be challenging. But amidst this, there's a potent solution waiting to be explored: The Law of Vibration.

Our relationships sculpt the landscape of our lives. To traverse this terrain with purpose, understanding the Law of Vibration becomes crucial.

Join me on this journey as we delve into how my approach can be a catalyst for elevating your relationships. Let's focus on your relationship aspirations and discover how aligning your energies can overcome obstacles.

Explore how your energy resonates through your connections and uncover actionable steps to harmonize your vibrations with your desired relationships.

Ready to revolutionize your connections? Visit https://www.unstoppablewoman.com/relate to access the accompanying worksheet for this episode!

Let's tune in together and initiate a ripple effect of positivity that will elevate your relationships. Remember, the vibe you emit attracts your tribe!

Key Takeaways: 

Introduction (00:00)

Feeling constricted in a relationship? (03:10)

Money, sales, and relationships (06:00)

Upleveling your relationships with The Law of Vibration (08:01)

Two ways to analyze your relationships (12:49)

A digital download for up-leveling your relationships (15:44)

Amira’s example about her relationship with her body (16:55)

Outro (23:45)


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Amira Alvarez, Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman® and host of The Unstoppable Woman Podcast, is an entrepreneur, private mentor, and trusted advisor for the ultra successful woman. She inspires already accomplished women to achieve further financial wealth and success while leading fulfilling lives. 

After achieving a remarkable fivefold income increase in one year and building a multimillion-dollar company, she found a way to create harmony between ambition, spaciousness, and contentment.

Unwilling to compromise her drive for success, she crafted a methodology for an Exquisite Life, allowing individuals to embrace their inner drive while finding deep fulfillment. Her path guides high-achieving women toward a life rich inside and out, where they realize their dreams without diminishing their hard-earned successes. 

Amira challenges the notion that we can't have it all, redefining what’s possible for ambitious women.


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