I'm Amira Alvarez.

Founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman.

I’ve got big dreams, big things I want to accomplish. (I bet you do too.)

As I was building my businesses, to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish, I threw my energy (almost all of it) into my businesses. That was my pattern. Throw everything at it. Heart, soul, and effort… lots of effort.

I was driven and ambitious, traits that have both served me well and have their shadow side

The shadow side to the power of action and effort is struggle.

It’s the “hard” that comes from confusion, overwhelm, and fear.

It’s that feeling of panic inside when you know you’ve completely lost your way but think your only option is to work harder. Or the sinking feeling of knowing you’re not doing what you need to be doing, yet not knowing how to get out of your own way… so you best keep moving.

I’d be seduced by the momentary sense of accomplishment when I’d finished a project or land a sale. I’d get my “feel good hit” and it was enough to keep me going.

But ultimately I ended up in the same place, on the same hamster wheel of “never enough.” It’s a terrible place to be, yet it’s where many of us find ourselves, over and over again, in our pursuit of significant growth in our business.

I realized something had to change. I realized that I was sacrificing my inner peace in little and big ways, for the hope of a big payoff or ease later.

I lived out the same patterns over and over again. I was addicted to hard, to the idea that to get ahead and make significant money, it had to be a struggle. (This is what I grew up thinking. This is what I knew.)

I knew consciously that wasn’t the case BUT my reality showed something different.

My reality showed a lot of really good things and a lot of struggle. If I’m honest, there was not nearly enough of that heart-pumping happiness in my life yet – I had no idea what I was missing.

I didn’t want to work that way anymore. I wanted to have a fuller life, with more connection, more of what was important to me. I made a decision to change.

I went on a journey to discover how to create an easier business – one that lit me up instead of sucking me dry. I sought out business advice and followed it and in lots of ways, this worked. The techniques and strategies helped tremendously.

Yet there was still something off. Things still felt hard.

That is until… I was able to master the inner game of entrepreneurship. That was the tipping point for me.

Only when I figured out how to effectively and consistently manage my mindset was I able to truly put into play the business tactics and strategies required to grow my business with so much more ease.

This was a revelation and a revolution.

It has allowed me creative license, freedom, money, ease, great relationships, and a business I love. Every day.

It has allowed me to triple my income in one year.

Do you want this too?

Then, the next year, I went onto 5x my income.

I went from $138k to $700k. Yes, this can happen very quickly.

And then I reached 7 figures. I made my annual income my monthly income.

It felt phenomenal to cross the 7-figure mark.

This means helping you have permanent shifts so that you’re no longer stuck in patterns (work and life) that keep you earning less than you desire, in overwhelm, or always fearing burnout.

It also means providing you with clear business tactics and strategies to take your business to the next level… sanely.

It means gently but boldly empowering you to step forward and create an even more financially and soulfully rewarding business.

You’ll find me a straight-talking, clear-thinking, compassionate, get-shit-done, kind of gal. I’m madly in love with my life, unabashedly swear like a sailor, and believe totally in the power of thought to get things done. (Feel free to ask me more about that.)

If you’re ready to quantum leap your business – and your life – I invite you to set up a consult where we can explore what’s going on for you and discuss your options.

Do that now and you’ll have taken your first step toward more.

© 2013-2024 Amira Alvarez. All Rights Reserved.
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© 2013-2024 Amira Alvarez.
All Rights Reserved.

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