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15 Ways to Become Unstoppable… The Unstoppable Blueprint!

By Amira Alvarez

The Unstoppable Woman is my business and brand, and I do fancy myself a pretty UNSTOPPABLE woman… now… 

BUT… I wasn’t always.

Whaaaaaat? Really, it’s true!! ;-)

Sure, I was always a go-getter making things happen and I certainly could talk a good game, but if I’m truly honest with myself, I had a lot of excuses. I let myself off the hook without even realizing I was doing it.

That looked like giving up mid-month on my sales goals if I thought I was too far from the number to hit it. It was getting distracted with home improvement projects or things around the house. Saying I was working hard on this over here and that’s why I couldn’t do XYZ. Or simply doing too many things at once or spiraling into fear and self-doubt, rather than focusing on the most critical move-the-needle actions. All alibis for avoiding breaking through.

NOW? I can say with confidence that I’m truly unstoppable in my life and business, and I have the results to prove it. With my health (running a marathon)… my finances (repeatedly quantum leaping my income every year)… my team (bringing on the best of the best to scale)… my lifestyle (upgrading my home, furniture, car, etc.)… and my relationships (I’m having the best sex of my life!! Woot!).

It didn’t happen overnight, but it can happen faster than you could possibly imagine! Especially if you put these 15 habits into place.

In this Unstoppable Blueprint, I want to share 15 ways
I’ve become unstoppable so that you can too.

  1. Become a quick decider. I coach my clients often around making quick decisions. To be clear, it’s not rash decisions but quick decisions. There’s so much to this. Fundamentally it’s about not going into the self-sabotaging behavior of overthinking things and trusting that, even if you make a bad decision you will survive and that ultimately, you’ve got experience life (the good and the bad) to know how to make better decisions in the future. Instead, make your decisions and trust that you do know what to do when you experience the results. Making decisions about money is where most people get stuck and limit their growth. I don’t care what stage of business you’re in… if you’re not making quick financial decisions, you’re slowing yourself and your business growth down. You need to learn how to do this and trust it. No more being afraid to make an irreparable mistake with how you spend your money. Decide and invest or act on it quickly.
  2. Move towards the resistance. This means doing the things you fear and the things you don’t want to! When you’re in resistance, and you’re pushing up against the very thing you need to do to grow yourself and your business. Moreover, when you’re feeling resistance, that’s clogging the channel between you and Source. You’re cutting yourself off from Spirit and spinning yourself out. When you’re no longer in resistance, you can be open to the answers, guidance, next steps, and clarity. Plus, you’ll learn that you CAN do the things you fear. You’ll teach your subconscious that you can survive new experiences and continually go to the next level. Remember, what we resist is the EXACT thing we need to do for growth, and this terrifies our subconscious, which is programmed to keep us “safe” (aka, small, not changing, and stuck in the familiar). There is always tension in growth; so feel the fear but lean in and do it anyway!
  3. Pick up the phone. Have the conversation in real-time vs. just sending an email. Is there an issue with a client? Pick up the phone. Is a contractor not delivering the way you expected? Pick up the phone. Is a team member consistently not focused on the right deliverables? Have that conversation. Do you need to bring in more referrals or sales? Call the people on your list. Not picking up the phone is a way that we stay small and hide because we’re afraid of being seen (visibility) and getting a ‘no’ (fear of rejection). But that doesn’t serve you or your big dreams. You have to break through. So read #2 again…move through that resistance and pick up the phone and have a real person-to-person conversation.
  4. Invest in yourself. Buy the thing. Go to the event. Hire the next-level team member. Upgrade your systems. Elevate your wardrobe or environment. This isn’t about spending money frivolously and only focusing on the material, it’s about calling yourself to the next level. When you invest with that next-level mindset—like hiring the professional vs. sticking to DIY—you have to RAISE YOUR GAME. You have to make more sales, get more streamlined or organized, and commit to a higher standard for yourself and your business. Need help determining if you should invest in something or someone? Check out my Investment Decision Matrix!
  5. Reframe the experience. As Napoleon Hill says, “Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat.” Whatever is happening, how can you reframe the experience of how it’s also positively affecting you? If a client decides not to renew their contract, what kinds of new clients or internal projects does that open up space for? If you didn’t get the opportunity you were super jazzed about, what information or insight does this give you to help you improve and go to the next level more quickly? If there’s an epic mishap with your team, what new systems and processes are you now able to put into practice to elevate the overall experience in your company? And sometimes it’s simply CHOOSING to feel DELIGHT. You get to have this experience, this gets to be your life, and you get to run this business doing what you love. That attitude of gratitude can take you so much further than getting spun out, frustrated, or upset!!
  6. Close the gap on time. Similar to #1 and making quick decisions: do things quickly. When you know you need to take action, DO IT. Don’t wait. Unless it’s something that requires scheduling or more time than is available to you… do it in the moment you know that you need to. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Reach out to the person that popped into your head. Film the video or create the content and get it out, imperfectly if you must. Apply for the opportunity. Send the email (or as we’ve noted, make the phone call!!) This is how you get from where you are to where you want to be more quickly. You don’t dilly dally or make excuses– take strategic actions as soon as humanly possible to keep moving forward.
  7. Just start. Building on the last point: START!! Yes, everything looks and sounds better with top of the line equipment and polishing, but opening your laptop and making a Facebook live to be more visible right now is better than waiting WEEKS or MONTHS to be “properly” set up. Yes, having the perfect website can be a powerful tool, but picking up the phone and making outreach and connection calls to start selling your offerings is better than waiting MONTHS or YEARS to have the “ideal” online presence. Let things be imperfect. It’s better to build momentum than to wait for the perfect plan or pieces. Stop getting ready to get ready and just GO FOR IT! (Bonus tip: Taking action is also a balm for anxiety. It gives your mind a productive place to focus.)
  8. Act on your desires and fantasies. I want a video studio in my home, which means I need a bigger place to live. It’s a desire… so what did I do? I started looking at open houses to see what was available and fantasized about what I could create! Then I noticed that some architects do custom houses, and I wondered, “could I do a custom house?” I took action around my desire. When it’s a TRUE desire, it means we’re being led by Spirit and clued into the next level of our life, business, and relationships. Don’t dismiss these desires!! Maybe it doesn’t appear to be in the cards for this year… but if you desire it, take action around it to move it into reality more quickly. You never know what opportunities or stepping stones you’ll come across by doing so!
  9. Create the time for things. Stop telling yourself you don’t have enough time. Stop rushing around frazzled about everything on your to-do list. Don’t rush when you get ready to leave the house for something. Don’t say that you’re “too busy” for what’s important. MAKE THE TIME! I talk about this and more in my training: Mastering Einstein Time So You Can Beat Overwhelm Once and for All! You CAN create more time for yourself, your life, and your business… it’s always possible. ;-)
  10. Learn and LIVE the Laws. This is soooooo key and has been a huge part of my quantum leaps over the years. There are seven Universal Laws of Success, and they’ve always been in existence. They always work, just like gravity. See… even if you don’t believe in gravity, gravity is still working. You’re still not flying to the moon, because here on Earth we have gravity. It happens, it exists, it is there… 100% of the time. You’re never without the experience of gravity, even if you don’t understand the mechanism of how gravity works. Start learning three of the Laws (Resentment, Self-Worth, and More Life) in my free Cracking the Code to Income Generation training here!
  11. Take personal responsibility. This is the Law of Cause and Effect. You are always at cause. So when things don’t go the way you want, you have to ask yourself what causes did you put into effect… as well as what you’re going to do now (what are the new causes) to create what you desire. You don’t blame or shame yourself. You don’t make yourself or other people wrong and bad. You don’t take on a victim mentality. You focus on your power to CREATE, and you choose to put a new cause into effect. That might be taking new and different actions or thinking more empowering thoughts… either way, it starts with YOU.
  12. Look at your results. If you’re not getting the results you want, guess what? You’re in the story, the excuse, or some lie that helps you stay exactly where you are: a seemingly safe place. That place doesn’t get you what you want though. It never does. You’ve got to ask yourself: what would happen if I took a no excuse attitude? What could I create in my life? In order to take a no excuse attitude, you have to be willing to look honestly at your numbers… financials, sales, reach, conversions, etc.… as well as things like your weight, the frequency of sex and intimacy in your relationship, how much water you actually drink, etc. Leland Val Van de Wall says, “The degree to which a person can grow is in direct proportion to the amount of truth that he can accept about himself without running away.” How much truth are you accepting about yourself?? Don’t whitewash over your results. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and bumping up against the same barriers… I’d be happy to introduce you to a whole new way of working in the Business Acceleration Bootcamp. ;-)
  13. Better your best. This is about always growing to the next level and living with a growth mindset. What’s your BEST right now, and how can you do it even better?? How can you continually improve what’s already going exceptionally well? How can you elevate your game every day?! Bettering your best allows you to grow yourself and your capacity, along with your container for how much you can receive. This is because when you better your best, you’re GIVING more to the world… and in turn, you can receive more. Giving is the first Law of Receiving!!
  14. Have integrity. Treat everyone with respect, whether they’re the assistant or the CEO, the busboy or the owner. Show up in full alignment even when no one else is around. Do what you say you’re going to do… even if you’ve only committed to doing it to yourself. This is key. It’s how you build trust in yourself and your abilities to have an income breakthrough and quantum leap your life. Have integrity with EVERYTHING you say and do, at all times… even when no one is watching.
  15. Master the mental aspect of success. You have to get leverage over your subconscious programming and stop sabotaging your success. To do this you MUST understand how the subconscious mind works and program it for success. The first step is identifying your most engrained blocks, hidden double-binds, and loyalty pacts that keep you from taking the actions you KNOW you need to take.

These are just a HANDFUL of the ways I’ve learned
to be unstoppable in my life and business.

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