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In just 3 weeks I more than quadrupled my income

I was stuck! The energy in my business was stagnated.

I felt discouraged and frustrated that I couldn't create the business that I knew I was meant to have. When I met Amira and experienced her coaching I knew in my heart that this was the next step I needed to take to break through my self-doubt and start experiencing success. It was the best decision I have ever made for my business.

In just 3 weeks I more than quadrupled my income and I am serving more women from a place of love and service than I had thought was possible!

Thank you, Amira for holding a higher vision for me to step into and fully embrace.

Misty Springer
Holistic health coach

Went from $188k to over $1.1 Million

When I signed on to work with Amira, my anxiety level was sky-high as my business was rapidly growing but the foundation was not yet solid. I was nervous about the investment but knew she could help me make back the investment easily by growing my business.

Avoiding burnout was even more valuable to me.

She has helped me untangle many of the core beliefs that kept me in a constant state of guilt, stress, and anxiety.

She keeps me accountable in building the life I want and has broken down my goals in bite size, attainable pieces.

In the short time since we first started working together, I have reduced my stress level by 90%, handed off work to an assistant freeing up at least 20% of my time, added a new revenue stream with new clients and many prospects, and increased my income significantly.

The financial benefits are easy to quantify but the benefits associated with being able to build a strong foundation and reduce my stress level are priceless. Thank you, Amira!

Wendy Schultz
Interior Design,Vacation Rental Remodeling and Management

I had the best week in my business to date and almost tripled my monthly income!

The Unstoppable Woman Sales and Mindset Income Breakthrough Program helped me enormously and came at just the right time. I received the kit one day before an important sales conversation! Because of the time constraint, I was grateful that all the transcriptions were included and the kit was so well organized. This allowed me to skim right up to the most important parts for me and dive in deep there. I learned SO much in so little time!

The next morning, during the sales conversation, I felt ready. AND I sold my largest package to date! Thanks to The Unstoppable Woman Sales and Mindset Income Breakthrough Program, I had the best week in my business to date and almost tripled my monthly income!

Now I feel confident charging higher prices, and to continue raising my prices in the future (something that used to terrify me!) I'd recommend this kit to anyone who is struggling with sales. If you apply what's in there, I know you'll make the investment back many times over (and quickly).

Marleen Renders

I now make decisions with ease.

Amira has out-of-this-world insight and intuition. She has a talent for getting to the root of the matter and has a tell-it-like-it-is manner of coaching, while still managing to help me feel empowered and special.

In just one session, she managed to help me see how important it is for me to use “ease” as a part of my decision making. She has seen how ambitious and driven I am as a businesswoman and has helped guide me into focus in only 2 sessions! If you are ready to take your business to the next level and get really clear on what you want, I highly recommend working with Amira!

Marianne Talkovski

I finally have clarity.

I’ve been dancing around how to show up in the online entrepreneurial world for YEARS—even after spending thousands of dollars on well-known, expensive programs. After working with Amira, I finally have clarity–I’m a WRITER and the founder of the Audacious Life Movement.

Thank goodness! I’m excited about my work again, I’m taking consistent action, and the momentum is building. After our last call with the small tweaks Amira gave me, I had a 34% increase in my email list—in less than a week! It’s happening, and quickly. Thank you, Amira!

Lynn Daue
Founder of the Audacious Life Movement

Perfect guide for the woman who knows she is destined for greatness.

Straight talking with a heart of absolute gold, Amira is a phenomenal business coach.

This woman has helped me cut through the confusion, see the potential + step into the woman I need to *be* in order to quantum leap my business to the next level.

Amira is dynamite + the perfect guide for the woman who knows she is destined for greatness.

Jenna Ward
Embodiment + Energy Medicine Mentor

On my way to 7-figures thanks to our coaching.

Amira helped me cut through my internal noise and confusion and laid out such a clear and exciting business strategy that I marveled at how fast and clearly she saw it and me.

She has a unique gift of seeing your strengths and opportunities and helping you bring them to life with ease and magic.

On my way to 7-figures thanks to our coaching!

Shasta Townsend
Bestselling author, heart-focused entrepreneur & marriage mechanic

I'm easily on track for $500K-1 million this year because of who I've learned to “be” in my business.

I just completed an amazing year of working with Amira and I also just had my highest month ever. It was 2x what I'd ever made in a month before and I'm easily on track for $500K-1 million this year because of who I've learned to “be” in my business. In my old business model, I overwhelmed myself with taking on too many clients and over-delivering. Also, I had a knowledge gap with sales that I didn't realize was there that was really holding me back from big growth. Learning how to navigate a sales conversation and sell high-end was priceless. Now because of my business success our family is moving to our dream location on the Gulf Coast of Fl in the next few months! Thank you Amira!

Joy Bufalini
Bold Vision Business

Results with elegance and ease.

Amira asked the right questions, the right way, with the right level of passion and focus to help me identify and then resolve what was in my way from reaching the people I could best serve.

The great thing about Amira is that she has the experience and savvy to immediate identify the “hole in the system”.

I will work with Amira again in the future because she produced results with elegance and ease.

Kimberly Heart
GETLove | Life After Success

A truly gifted mentor and guide.

While preparing my 2013 tax information for my accountant, I noticed I earned a lot more in several consecutive months. Then I realized those were the months in which I was working with Amira. No coincidence.

She is a truly gifted mentor and guide.

She knows when to nudge you further into your greatness and she knows when you need to rest. Knows when you need more support and when to let you fly solo.

There are a lot of business and life coaches out there, but in my experience, truly great ones are rare. Amira is a great one.

Kimberly Graham
Founder, Principal Attorney & Mediator

Landed a contract for $534,000!

I am living proof that there is a way to speed up holding the energy for and creating something bigger than we are used to in our business.

I recently went after and landed a contract for $534,000, something I would only have dreamed of doing previously. This contract represents a quantum leap for me both financially but also as who I'm showing up to be as a business owner. And there's more on the way!

Although my levels of confidence have fluctuated and I've had extreme levels of doubt and insecurities, I've been buoyed by bouts of successes after following Amira's advice. Without the Business Acceleration Bootcamp group and her consistent mentoring, I would NEVER have taken the risks to stretch out there into this business I'm creating and I would have only stayed in my comfort zone.

I am constantly doing this with a huge leap of faith, that it will work out. And amazingly it does.

My strengths are I make decisions, follow through, know that I am creative and flexible, operate from the heart and a place of integrity. But I would have never taken these steps without the encouragement and vision that Amira held out in front of me. Allowing the positive thoughts to blossom and the negative thoughts to wither without water.

And please do come to the retreat. Again a huge leap of faith on my part…. in reality, I am kind of an introvert who poses as an extrovert… but I'm coming for MORE.

Lauren Wheeler, LEED AP
Ecologically focused landscape design

In her first month in the Bootcamp, she tripled her income. She now makes monthly what she made in a year.

I've accomplished so much already in the Business Acceleration Bootcamp.

It's been a real eye opener how much time I can happily devote to painting when I free myself from energy sapping ruminating about this that and the other. I have been on fire creatively and am loving it!

I know that the last month and this month has seen a HUGE increase in income for me. You are to thank for that Amira, your little nudges and wise insights make all the difference.

Now that I'm loving every job, I'm eager for the flow of commissions to continue growing, because I love the joy of painting them, and I'm freed up to do more of them now in one week!

I've raised my prices and, now that I know I can take on more work, I easily figured out a plan for marketing my work. Plus, I'm getting my website and systems organized. It's all happening!

Thank you for your cutting to the chase as you always do Amira. Feeling invigorated.

Aine Divine

Like Inner Energy Surgery

The most significant thing about our work together is how quickly and effectively you were able to get down to the nugget that was really in the the way, that was holding me back, or needed to be healed. This work is like inner energy surgery. It’s so practical yet happens at a cellular level. It causes real change, with lasting effects. It’s not just talk!

For instance, I knew I needed to stop procrastinating and regularly reach out to my clients for referrals. I knew what I needed to do and I had tools galore, but I wasn’t doing it. So often people just say “I know what I need to do and why am I not doing it?” and then they just leave it there. They don’t really dig deeper and find an answer. You never let me get away with that.

It’s so much easier now! Plus, no matter what happens, I know that my foundation is stable and I’m fundamentally okay.

Carolyn Connell
Realtor and Associate Broker

Clarity, confidence, next steps.

I was approached by a potential client that, while very exciting, seemed “out of my league.” Amira helped me to dissect my thoughts and feelings, see what was going on and come up with a clear strategy for moving forward.

Amira listened so deeply on so many levels, asked careful questions, and was able to zero in on the essence of my fears.

She was able to sift through all my babbling and tease out what was really going on and then state it in an astonishingly clear way that made me pause, blink, gulp and say “Yes, that’s exactly it. You nailed it.”

She helped me see how I could shift from fears into seeing with confidence what I could offer this client.

From there, we shifted gears into strategizing and came up with a bulleted list of steps I could take, words I could use, and thoughts I could think if the lizard brain tried to pull me back down.

In one brilliant phone call we addressed all my ‘practical’ concerns and my fears.

I left the call with clarity, confidence and a list of next steps.

Amira has a rare combination of skills. Her sensitivity and empathy pair with an eagle eye for seeing through all the clutter and noise and zero in on what really matters.

She combines that with a decisiveness and strategic brain that let’s her see process clearly.

I have this funny image of a gypsy with a crystal ball in a business suit. And that’s Amira. She walks in two opposite worlds with ease.

I cannot imagine a problem or a situation too complex or mucky for Amira. She is brilliant and insightful and gentle and strategic. She has what you need. Call her!

Nancy Striniste
Master Landscape Designer

Thank you for my freedom.

Every time I sit down to say thank you I become overwhelmed with so many positive changes that have occurred in my life since we began working together. My heart overflows.

How could I sum up the place we started?…Fear.

Yes, despite my accomplishments and my brave venture into the realm of entrepreneurship, I was constantly working from and moving through life full of fear. I second guessed every decision I made. I did not trust others.

I went with my gut, but always wondered if what I was doing was “wrong”? I was afraid that I wouldn’t live my life or run my business the “right” way. That was exhausting. Yet I didn’t know how to live without it.

Thank you for helping me get to the bottom of fear. I’m not sure how you did it- but somehow we got to the bottom of my fears.

The beauty is, under your guidance, I identified the thought patterns that have been part of my life for well, decades.

You taught me how to listen to myself. You taught me that my “gut instinct” was only part of what I needed to be truly in tune with my intuition. Now that I am aware of my former pattern of thinking, the way I listened to myself, and am learning from you the truth of understanding myself, I am on the road to making decisions without second guessing.

I make decisions I am confident in. My decisions are grounded in MY truth. I am free of fear.

Let me say that again. I am free of fear.

Okay, we both know I’m not perfectly 100% free of fear, but I am beautifully, wonderfully on a journey of life without fear and that’s pretty freakin’ amazing!

It still amazes me that what looked on the surface like I was just wigged out about money was only a symptom of the fear that had been influencing all of my decisions. Thank you for not giving me some sort of foolishness like “7 ways to end money fear forever.” LOL. Clearly something like that would have been another Band-Aid on a wound.

I am so glad you were able to see beyond my surface.

Alas you’ll never know the depth because only I can feel where I was and where I am now having worked with you.

The best I can do is to say from my heart, thank you for my freedom and hope you can feel the measure of appreciation attached to the words.

Wynn Godbold
Author, speaker, coach.

Honed in on my dilemma quickly.

My time with Amira could not have been better spent.

She has the unique capacity to focus in on exactly what I’m telling her (even when I don’t exactly remember what I just said) and pull out the telling parts, and make a great cake out of what seems to me to be a confusing list of ingredients, to use a simple metaphor.

I couldn’t believe that Amira honed in on my central dilemma so quickly and came up with such encouraging comments and solutions.

I have a whole new happy direction, a happiness and peacefulness I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

Because of all of these reasons–her ability to zone in, her uplifting assessment of the situation and of my abilities, her easy-going playfulness coupled with a determined effort to solve and help–I definitely recommend Amira as an excellent mentor, advisor and coach.

I have used several different coaches and still do. Amira brings a very different attitude and perspective. So there you have it. Work with her. I’m sure she will help you see more clearly, too.

Jan Schochet
Folklorist & Travel Specialist

Clarity, excitement, and moving forward.

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I am overflowing with gratitude for you and the work we have done together.

My business is finally starting to reflect the person I am and want to be in the world. I am finding my voice and it’s being heard in a new way.

It’s not without work – I’ve got to revise a whole lot of stuff to make sure it’s got the feeling I want it to have.

It’s not without mistakes and missteps. I’m still learning. Sometimes, I still fall back into the me that wants to get it done now and just force people to listen.

But, it FEELS wonderful! It feels like the message I want to give. It feels like the way I want to help.

Thank you! I’ve been trying for 3 years to find this feeling. And, thanks to our work, I have.

I will say right here and right now – Amira has been helping me gain a huge amount of clarity around what I am and want to be doing!

What was beginning to become a grind is FUN again. I’m excited and moving forward.

If anyone wants a more personal look at this, I’ll be glad to talk via chat or Skype. This is deep and good work!

Jeanne Andrus
Author and Coach

Gets at the real issues

When I talk about the work I’ve been doing with Amira to other women in business, I tell them that it’s a highly personalized combination of getting at the real issues that have you stuck and getting help with the real work of building a business.

This combination coaching that Amira uses is right where it’s at because a strategy without getting to what’s underneath and stopping you from moving forward serves no one.

But what makes her coaching truly different from other coaching programs is the very focused energy Amira focuses on just ME and how she knows exactly where I need to go next.

Carol Cox
Untethered Style

Invested and focused on my needs

Amira opened up a whole world of possibilities for me.

Her intuition is so spot on and she is truly invested and focused on my needs and alignment that I felt truly held. I would recommend Amira to anyone who needs honest, quality, soulful guidance.

Nicole Mathieson
Kinesiologist and Intimacy Coach

High level coach with clear insight.

Amira is sharp, intelligent, creative, and has the ability to deliver exactly what you need to move forward. She is a high level coach with clear insight and direction, and I have had the privilege of being on the receiving end of her coaching. She ROCKS!

Amunet J. Burgueno
Hypnotist, Psychic Medium, & Healer

I am showing up as my best Self and closing deals.

After coaching with Amira I have a 100% conversion rate bringing on new clients. I was able to immediately close deals, enroll clients, and the money is coming in… all while being in 100% integrity and showing up as my best Self.

Jenn Krusinski
Transformational Wellness Coach

Challenged me to get it done.

I’ve been dreading and putting off building my website for almost a year now! Amira challenged me to get it done in 1 DAY!!! What!?! Well, I did it in about 6 hours. I did it!!! I can’t believe how I was able to get in action so quickly. This is me practicing imperfection and getting it done!

Cherstin Polson
Wellness Coach

This retreat put the puzzle pieces together for me and propelled me into my new desired reality.

The belief that everyone held for me was enough for me to dispel any unbelief that I had in myself. I let go of resentment and held onto the empowering moment, integrating all I had learned in the past few years to literally run through the terror barrier. The investment with this program has been priceless.

Jesse Stukenberg
Life Coach

“In a very short period of time I've raised my energy and gained so much momentum in my business and life.”

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. In the time we’ve worked together the changes in mindset, combined with tactical strategies, have been truly life-changing. In a very short period of time I have raised my energy and gained so much momentum in my business and life. The combination of your sage guidance and the support and wisdom of the mastermind continues to amaze me.

When the current craziness came to the world, I could have easily gone into a tailspin. Instead, I looked at my business creatively and pivoted, quickly focusing on a product offering we have that is highly needed in this environment. I feel so good being able to help other entrepreneurs during tumultuous times. The combination of truly believing that the universe wants me to live in abundance, combined with working smart, has already started to yield amazing results. I am so excited about continuing the up-leveling. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!!

Elizabeth Morris
Chief Operating Officer

“Thank you so much Amira, I am forever changed by my experience at the retreat this weekend.”

Tara Schneider
DoTerra Essential Oils

I've gotten more accomplished in the last 1.5 months than I have in 2 years!

I was nervous about making the decision to hire a business coach, but boy am I glad I did! Amira does not lie when she talks about acceleration! I've gotten more accomplished in the last 1.5 months than I have in 2 years! Her genius is helping others push themselves to greatness!

Debbie Heiser
Faith Infused Leadership Consultant

Raving Clients