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5 Ways to Live the Laws of Success… The Unstoppable Blueprint

By Amira Alvarez

Learning the Universal Laws of Success is key to getting out of your own way and making a true income breakthrough… but many women get tripped up because they don’t know the Laws or they’re only focused on the intellectual understanding of the Laws, never really learning how to LIVE them.

It’s exactly like reading a self-help book but not doing any of the exercises… we have a solid understanding yet we never actually get anywhere!! Ask me how I know. ;-)

Part of the struggle is that while the Laws are ABSOLUTE—they work 100% of the time when you work them properly—they’re also nuanced. In addition, when you’re learning to apply them, you’re interpreting them through your own belief system and your own personal level of awareness. This is the proverbial “can’t see the forest for the trees” scenario.

In this Unstoppable Blueprint, I want to share more about the many divine dichotomies we face with the Laws and how to navigate them so that you can experience a true income breakthrough (i.e. increase your cash flow) in your business in 2020! But it’s not just about financial freedom. It’s about mental and emotional freedom as well.

Navigating the Divine Dichotomies in Life and Business

In order to truly LIVE the Laws and create massive changes in your life, work, and income, you have to understand how to use discernment to navigate the divine dichotomies in life.

  • For example, The Law of Sacrifice vs The Law of More Life… The Law of Sacrifice says you have to let go of something of a lower nature to let in something of a higher nature. Yet how does this sync with the Law of More Life which says we’re here to expand, grow, and be, do, and have more? How do you know when letting go of something is contraction based on fear and what your subconscious programming and patterns are telling you vs making decisions because you know it’s time to let go of something in order to make room for something of a higher nature. Or, when do you need to let go vs when is it an “and more” situation where you need to make room for both? To answer this you must be clear about what you ultimately want, what your current results are, and what the causes are of both.
  • Or what about the nuances in the Law of Personal Responsibility? This Law says we are 100% responsible for our results. Always. Zero exception. Yet if this is the case, how do you avoid the ‘blame the victim’ scenario or stepping into guilting and shaming yourself about your results? Most people are trained early on to blame others or blame themselves. Those are their two options. The trick here is to step out of the blame game entirely. Take ownership over every situation and experience WITHOUT blame and making yourself or others wrong. Taking ownership while also being able to see that someone or something outside yourself isn’t working requires that deeper level of discernment. It’s just a problem to be solved.
  • With the Law of Polarity, we have to hold both sides of the situation or experience. The Law of Polarity states that everything has two sides or poles that exist concurrently. For instance, you have to hold the belief and knowing that we live in an easy and abundant Universe, while also acknowledging that we live in a sucky, poverty-stricken Universe… it’s both! These are two sides of the same whole. They both exist concurrently. You have to learn to energize the pole you want (abundance) without becoming Pollyanna-ish or ignoring what’s going on in the world (poverty). In your business, you have to see that big problems also represent big opportunities. It’s what you do next that actualizes either the problem or the opportunity. Which do you want?

  • As a woman running a business or holding a position of leadership, you must show up in your vulnerability AND your strength. These are seemingly opposites, two poles. (See Law of Polarity above.) You’re so used to being strong all the time as a leader, and you have to learn to balance this strength with the vulnerability of asking for help and the openness of receiving. It’s just like breathing… if you only exhale (giving, leading, strength, doing), you will be uncomfortable… and if you only inhale (receiving, asking for help, vulnerability), you’ll be out of harmony with yourself. But, you have to know when to be strong and when to be vulnerable (which pole to activate), as well as how to hold both and recognize all of you.
  • The first Law of Receiving is giving, but you can’t overgive. Yes, you must give first. It’s like planting a seed. You must do that first before it grows into a tree that provides plentiful fruit. Yet, most people say “show me the money” before they give, before they plant that seed. If you want to increase your cash flow, keep planting seeds. This looks like investing in yourself and investing in others, this looks like sharing help, advice, goodwill, compliments, your talents, energy, time, and money. Yet, you have to know when you’re giving too much, or when you’re giving from a place of low self-esteem and self-worth… you have to feel worthy of what you want. If you give in order to get…if that’s the energy behind your actions… you are coming from an insecure, low-self worth place looking to other to fill you up, not believing that you really desire to receive what you want. Watch for that!
  • Time, money, and investing in yourself. Whew, this is a big one!! How do you know when to invest in yourself? When a desire for something is above your current income level, how do you know if spending and investing the money is going to call you to a higher level, or if it will have a negative impact on your life? And how do you know when to give more time and attention to something to make it work vs when something is taking more time and attention than it’s worth? First, you must know that desire is causative, it’s always leading the way pulling you forward. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. Ask yourself: what is it that you ultimately want? Then you must look at what is going to help you create it. This means applying the Law of Cause and Effect… yet where most people get in their own way is they are looking at what’s happening right now for them, stuck in short-term fear-based thinking, not seeing the correct cause (action, decision, investment) that’s going to give them the results that they want. We’ll be discussing all of the above in so much more detail on our upcoming podcast. Yep! You heard that right–we’re launching The Unstoppable Woman Podcast!! Watch this space. Click here to be on list to get first access to the episodes and make suggestions on what you’d like us to cover. We’re all ears!

Knowing how to navigate these divine dichotomies requires that you learn the Laws and how to APPLY them to your daily life and work in a productive way!! This takes time and intention to learn, and it’s something I’ve spent many years doing.

How I Integrate and LIVE The Laws

I’m going to share all the ways I do this in my own life and business…

  1. I read books on the Laws all the time. I have a standard library of books I keep with me at all times (yes, even when traveling!!) so that I can brush up every morning and as needed. The books I read are SO ESSENTIAL to living the Laws that I give copies of this library to my Spirit of Wealth Mastermind and Masterclass women each year. If I’m challenged, I pick up a book and open it to see what guidance I need. I read every morning during my morning routine and I’ve often studied one section of one book for weeks at a time to really grok the lessons and information. #committed
  2. I’m always assessing real-life applications of the Laws. This means when I’m at the movies, listening to podcasts, watching biographies, etc. I’m assessing how things are happening according to Law. How are people applying the Laws, consciously or unconsciously? Where are things happening or not happening because of Law? This helps me further SEE and UNDERSTAND the many nuanced ways we have to work at applying the Laws. It’s a never ending process that I’m ALWAYS studying!!
  3. I apply the Laws with my clients. Whether we’re diving into the tactics and strategies of scaling or navigating the emotional rollercoaster of growth challenges, I’m always aiding, advising, and guiding them by Law. I teach them the Laws directly and indirectly (modeling is huge) and I help them understand how to really apply them in their own lives and businesses in each and every situation that comes up. This is what allows them to make those HUGE leaps in income and feel secure in their lives. When you understand how to navigate life and business, everything drops into place. The world goes from chaos to order and you understand how to work according to Law and actually get the results that you want.
  4. I hold myself to higher and higher standards. I’m always studying this stuff and I’m always learning like I said before. But as we move to higher and higher levels of success, income, visibility, and impact, we still encounter our subconscious patterns and programming that threaten to hold us back! I’m always doing the work of unpacking my subconscious blocks and beliefs myself and I’m always willing to see where I’m continuing to stop myself. I do this on my own and with the support of my mentor, because we can’t always see the forest for the trees!! #walkthetalk
  5. I reference a cheat sheet of the Laws as needed. When something isn’t working out how I’d like it to, I look at this sheet. This sparks my thinking. Here’s an example… perhaps I take out the sheet and my eye lands on The Law of Polarity which says that if the desire is felt, the supply is ready to appear… that means if I TRULY desire something, there’s a way to get it… I’m just not approaching it correctly. I’m missing something. I’m focused on the opposite pole than what I desire. I then would ask myself “What am I not seeing her? What’s the opposite of this? What’s the opportunity in this situation?” and the ideas come. Then you must act on them. ;-)

A lot of manifesting talk online focuses on feeling good… making vision boards and repeating mantras while we wait for things to come to us. That’s not how it works. Vision boards, mantras, and vibrating at the right frequency are TOOLS that help with manifesting… but action is key!!

We have to actively MOVE TOWARDS what we desire… and truth: sometimes that’s hard and doesn’t feel like rainbows and unicorns!! 

This is why community is essential. We need to be surrounded by other powerhouse women who are ACTIVELY working towards creating more in their lives and businesses, who are also learning and living the Laws, and who will hold us accountable to what we say we want.

Where is your community? And are they going to help ensure you stay on track at a new level this year? Are they going to help you learn, apply, and live the Laws in all the many situations that will require it? 

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