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A Secret (and Easy) Hack to Building Success Habits That Stick

A Secret (and Easy) Hack to Building Success Habits That Stick

By Amira Alvarez

When you start creating new habits, you’re excited and motivated.

If it’s a business building habit, you recognize how your business will improve once this new habit is part of your routine. All good so far.

But let’s see what really happens…

Let’s say you decide you’re going to start doing sales outreach for an hour every morning. In the beginning, you’re very aware of how making this a habit is going to help you finally start creating consistent cash flow and success in your business!

After the initial hurdle of getting started, the first few days are amazing! A surge of motivation energizes you, you’re optimistic about what’s to come, and you’re making promising connections!

But, after a little while, things get in the way.

You get overwhelmed with work, so one morning you decide to catch up on emails instead. Or you got awful sleep, and you think, “I’ve been working hard. It wouldn’t be so bad if I skipped this one day.”

But one day becomes two, two becomes three… and days become weeks without progress.

Sound familiar? That’s because building success habits isn’t as easy as it seems.

So, what if you started smallbut were strategically focused about it… every day?

Here’s the “hack” :)

You break it down to the ridiculous and start with something so small, you couldn’t not do it.

You find the smallest interval you can think of, for an action you know will lead to growth in your business, and put it on your to-do list.

Think social media will help you grow your business?

Start by posting something simple to one platform a day.

Want to launch a course with a massive partner program?

Start by engaging with a couple of important influencers each day.

You might look at your “little” habit and think, that’s not going to change my business!

But here’s the thing: if it’s easy, it’ll be easy for you to do every day.

Then when that’s super dialed in, you raise the bar. Just a little.

You do a little bit more as part of that daily habit and then a little bit more… BUT YOU ALWAYS KEEP YOUR COMMITMENT.

Before you know ityou might just become the unstoppable woman you always wanted to be… making bank and making an impact!

P.S. Struggling to be consistent and stop self-sabotaging, even if you already know what actions to take? Or are you not sure what are the “move the needle” habits for you in the first place? Let’s talk about what your strategic focus needs to be and how to make scaling your business faster and easier.

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