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Action With Ease

By Amira Alvarez

Are you taking action on your dreams?

With ease?

Your business will not grow on it’s own. You have to show up in your business and take action.

When you show up and take action with ease, things will start to flow.

Don’t let your dreams stay just a dream. Turn them into reality. Use this power question to accelerate your business with ease.



— Video Transcript below —


Hi. Amira Alvarez, Business Mentor and Mindset Strategist coming at you with a short video about taking action on your dreams with ease.

That is what I’m all about… “Taking Action With Ease.

First, let me just tell you, there is no substitute for action. You’ve got to be in action to grow your business, to move forward, to do what you want to do to get to the next level but it doesn’t have to be struggle.

It doesn’t always have to be hard, hard, hard. You can hold action and ease at the same time… and when you do, things flow. Things are so much easier in your business.

Of course, this does not mean that things will never get hard or there won’t be a struggle. YET when you choose to hold both at the same time, “I am going to take action and I’m going to choose ease,” miraculous things happen. Things flow in your business. You can truly show up.

Okay, so this isn’t magic, fairy dust sprinkle. This isn’t “wave your magic wand” kind of stuff.

Sometimes it feels that way when we do the deep mindset stuff and things are just easier and you are like, “How did that happen?” It does kind of feel like magic but really, it’s a choice that you’re making every single day to choose ease. That is what I am advocating for you… that when you take your action, when you do the work in your business that you choose ease every week, every day at every decision at every junction and you ask: “How can I make this easier for myself?

If you come across something that is a challenge or struggle for you today, here’s my little ask of you, my little challenge of you today.

When you come across something that is even just the slightest bit hard, maybe it’s a lot hard, but even the slightest bit hard, I’d like you to pause and ask yourself, “How can I make this easier?

Then implement that idea that comes to you. Straight away you’ll probably have some idea… “Boom, there it is (the idea)… I could do this.” Don’t deny it. Don’t reject it. Do it. Implement that choice of ease.

Now, if you find yourself thinking about something, having an idea of what would be easier, but not implementing it, not executing it, not following through on that decision, I want you to ask yourself… what’s getting in your way?

What’s stopping you from committing to that choice, from making that decision?

It’s not always obvious.

This is where the mindset stuff comes in. But for now, if you can start noticing that, you will be able to work with yourself and your mental framework, your mental state to shift things to make things easier.

So that’s what I have for you today, that little question. How can I make it easier? Then execute on it. Plus noticing when you’re not choosing it even though you know it’s what will make things easier for you.

The last thing I want to offer you today is 

an opportunity.

Would you like to talk about what’s getting in your way of accelerating your business with ease?

We can talk about how to take your business to the next level with business strategies, practical tips and next steps, conceptualize your business model, and what the most leveraged actions are that you can take right now to take your business to the next level and to do it in a way that’s truly aligned with yourself so that it is easier. We’ll also talk about the blocks, of course, that are getting in your way and how we might work with them.

If you’re interested in having this conversation, I encourage you to do so. Here is a link to schedule your call.

I’ll see you in my next video. I’m going to come again to you with a lot more information tips, little strategies, little tweaks that turn the ship on how to make your business easier. Okay, see you in the next video. Bye.

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