You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business


By Amira Alvarez

Did you hit your goals for 2022?

Often December can be a stressful month trying to juggle it all and hit your goals.

I remember the year I decided to hit 7 figures “come hell or high water”. I was $10k from my goal on Dec 31st and determined… calling everyone trying to hit that number. It was my goal. It was my vision. I was committed to being unstoppable.

But driving to my boyfriend’s house for New Year’s Eve, around 10 pm at night, I thought I hadn’t made it and was still $1k short. Errrrr! I had tried so hard. (It didn’t make for a particularly celebratory mood that night… but. (later in January going over numbers with my accountant I found out I had actually crossed over the 7-Figure mark. Whoo hoo! You betcha that I did celebrate then.)

So what makes YOU unstoppable? Do you have the beliefs required to move past what blocks you from achieving your goals?

Sure I would have liked to have sailed past my goal earlier in the year, but that year I did what I needed to in order to break through and prove to myself that I was who I thought I believed I was.

Belief and action are both required in order to uplevel your outcomes.

I have an exercise for you that will help you with the belief side.

Go ahead and grab a pen and paper… I like sticky notes that you can keep on your desk so it stays front of mind.

Write out the big audacious goal you have at the top of the paper (no wimpy goals ladies… only the ones that require you to be unstoppable.)

Directly under it draw a line down the center.

On the left side -> Write out the ways you are stopped.
On the right side -> Write out the belief you have as to why it stops you. Here is an example from one of my team members:

(Big Audacious Goal)
Generate 7 Figures + Working 4 Days a Week

Write out the exact same things on the Stops Me side but reprogram the Belief:

You decide what you want to believe is true. You decide what stops you (or what you will never allow to stop you again.)

You decide to be the UNSTOPPABLE YOU.

With THAT belief, go take the action that syncs up with your new beliefs and create the outcomes you truly desire!

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