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An Overlooked Component Of Receiving What You Want!

By Amira Alvarez

I spent last spring in a beautiful beach house right on the water in Cape Cod with my Spirit of Wealth Mastermind and Masterclass women. We dug deep into what it really takes to RECEIVE what you desire.

Throughout our year together, we continually come back to the same questions… what do you want? What is the big, juicy desire that is currently on your heart?

Because that’s the first step to becoming truly unstoppable in your life and business… to receiving EXACTLY what you desire… you have to be clear on what it is you’re calling in.

But another piece of receiving what you desire?

Being willing to release.

This is about The Universal Law of Sacrifice. Being willing to let go of something of a lower nature in order to call in and receive something of a higher nature.

This is more than just decluttering your closet (thought releasing material things is often a HUGE part of the process).

You have to look at ALL areas and aspects of your life… everything from where you spend your time… to the attitude and mindset you bring into your daily life… to the relationships you’re engaging in… to the beliefs and stories that you hold.

So today I want you to do a quick practice with me. :-)

First, get still and silent and tune into your heart. What big, juicy desire is most present for you right now? What would make you over the moon excited to create?

Second, ask yourself who you need to BE to receive that desire. How would you carry yourself? What are the thoughts you might think? What are the beliefs you’d hold? Go so far as your actual presence… what are you wearing? Where do you live? Who’s surrounding you?

Third, make a list of what needs to be sacrificed to step into that new way of being so you can align yourself with what you desire. Think of specific activities, attitudes, mindsets, things, beliefs, and even people. Be honest, that’s important!

Lastly, commit to taking action and release at least ONE of these things.

Today. Don’t wait.



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