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Mastering Sales

The truth, whether you want to hear it or not, is: money comes through sales.

There is always a sale. Whether you’re writing a newsletter to your email list or having a conversation with a prospective client on the phone, writing a grant proposal or chatting with someone informally… when money changes hands, there’s a sale.

Sales is unavoidable, especially if you want to make really good money in your business.

I was recently interviewed on The Story Engine Podcast on Mastering Sales.

In this episode, I talk to Kyle about:

  • How to break through your glass ceilings
  • Why most people self-sabotage in sales
  • Overcoming the fear of rejection
  • How to prepare for a sales call
  • The preliminary questions you need to ask in advance
  • How to start the sales conversation, the first question you should ask
  • What to do at the end of the sales conversation
  • The why behind what people purchase