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9 Tips for Creating Next-Level Relationships

By Amira Alvarez Relationships are essential to our survival as humans. Still, they can pose many of their own challenges when it comes to experiencing an income breakthrough, quantum leaping our lives, or achieving our most exciting goals!! Do you struggle to attract the RIGHT relationships personally and professionally? That could be hiring…

Relationships are essential to our survival as humans. Still, they can pose many of their own challenges when it comes to experiencing an income breakthrough, quantum leaping our lives, or achieving our most exciting goals!!

Do you struggle to attract the RIGHT relationships personally and professionally?

That could be hiring the right team, working with the right professionals, creating balance with your work and your family, or creating a truly lit up romantic partnership.

Whatever the case may be for you, today I’m excited to dive into a new Unstoppable Blueprint on…

9 Tips for Creating Next Level Relationships

  1. Know how to choose the RIGHT relationships. This means hiring the right team, working with the right companies, signing up with the right mentors, spending time with the right friends, and shacking up with the right partner! Regardless, you have to know how to choose the RIGHT people rather than just allowing anyone into your life and business. So how do you do this?!Start by being EXTREMELY CLEAR on what you’re looking for (which involves assessing current and prospective relationships). What is the role, and what are your wants and needs? What do you deeply desire to FEEL in any given relationship (yes, even with the cleaning company you hire as much as the best friend or lover)? What role does this person play in your life? (People get very confused about this, thinking someone is there to do things for them that is not really their role.) If you don’t know what you want and need, you’re more likely to attract the wrong people or end up in situations that range from awful to those that aren’t bad but also aren’t ideal, fulfilling, or aligned. Get very clear on the roles, responsibilities, and desired feelings… envision this! And make a list!

    It might take several rounds before you find the right people, because there may be things you don’t realize you want, need, or value until you’re with the wrong ones. For example, we brought on a new Marketing Manager last summer that we wanted to love… but it ended up being the wrong person for our team and our needs. On the second go-around, we thought we’d found another ideal fit, only for them to leave before they began and us to discover even more insight around who the right person would be. THEN! At the beginning of this year, we found our PERFECT FIT, and she has helped us launch and grow so many fantastic initiatives!! You must be willing to “get it wrong” as many times as it takes to get it really, really right. :-)

  2. Take 100% responsibility for your relationships. If you’re feeling pissed off or resentful towards others, you have to take ownership of your experience and work to show up differently. Why? Because you’re always first cause. Yes, really… even with other people involved!! You are always creating your outcomes. Zero exception.
    One of my clients recently faced this in their business. They were pissed that another member of the project made more money than they did on a particular deal. This was a perfect opportunity to ask, “Am I just mad about wanting something that I’m not getting and blaming someone else for that? How would I get what I wanted? Is there cause for course correction here?” They had to take ownership of their results and do the work to show up differently. This is The Law of Cause and Effect… if you don’t like the results and outcomes you’re experiencing, what new cause do you need to put into effect to create something different? For instance… Do you need to adjust the terms of a deal? Do you need to work with someone else? Do you need to communicate or do something differently? Do you change your perspective?Let’s look at this from another angle… you are going to want to look at The Law of Vibration here. If you’re showing up at a lower frequency, you’re going to attract lower level experiences. If you’re unhappy with how your partner is showing up in your romantic relationship (as was the case with another client of mine recently), you need to change how YOU show up first. Raise your vibration and operate at the higher level that you desire right now. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. AND QUICKLY. In a matter of days, this particular client took responsibility for her attitude, did a 180° with her own energy and what she was putting into the relationship, and now they’re happy love bugs again… but bigger than that, clarity and resolution in her business became evident and she’s fast tracking a huge upward trajectory. There are no coincidences.
  3. Don’t be a victim. This is very similar to taking personal responsibility. When I went through my divorce, there was a moment when I was sitting on the couch with my ex (because we still lived together and were still each other’s best friend!!) when a friend of ours sent a group text. The short: he was calling me selfish and making me wrong for leaving!I turned to my ex and said, “you know… he’s making you the victim here… do you want that?” His answer was no, of course not. In what looked like an “I got your back, buddy” text it was really a pigeon-holing both of us as persecutor and victim. My ex wrote back and we were all good.

    But look, things are going to happen. Relationships will fall apart, people will come up short, and team members won’t work out. Someone may leave or reject you. Whatever happens, don’t make yourself a victim!! Don’t take on that role even if the rest of the world sees through the lens of persecutor and victim. You don’t have to.

    Talk about The Law of Vibration here. If you’re walking around believing you’re the victim and letting that energy weigh you down, you’ll continue to create situations that reinforce that belief. Take ownership. No one is doing anything TO you, and you are more than capable of creating BETTER situations and experiences. Own that.

  4. Clean up your communication. Here’s another variation of taking total ownership! If you’re feeling irritated, agitated, or frustrated, there’s likely something you’re not clear on or not cleanly communicating.For example, last year, we hired a company to help us with some of our marketing. While we loved the strategy, the owner of the company, and the approach they took in general, there was always something that felt off in our weekly meetings. This meant I found myself irritated more often than not. Ugh!! That’s not the vibration I want to be operating at! My first approach was to work with my communication. Was I being clear? Was I asking for what I wanted? Was I expressing where I didn’t understand something or when I was looking for something different? After giving that my best, I tuned in and got clear that this wasn’t a fit and we went our separate ways. Now cleaning up my communication in this example may not have created the outcome of a continued working relationship, it did do two very positive things. First, it allowed me to move on without any remuneration, guilt, or shame. I had done my best. CLEAN! And thus nothing to hold me back from continued momentum. Second, it showed me that I really wanted someone in-house on my team for this work, which we now have and that’s working out amazingly.

    Communication is key in all relationships. That’s kind of obvious. I don’t care if we’re talking about your assistant, a team member, a contractor, a lover, your kids, your parents… the question really is… Are you owning your clarity in communication? Or are you stuck in frustration and blaming others? You will know the answer to this by how you feel.

  5. Move out of scarcity and be willing to walk away. A scarcity mindset is often what keeps us stuck in relationships, partnerships, and engagements that don’t work. We’re afraid that “this is as good as it’s gonna get!” Or, in our business, we get worried that if we let the pain in the butt client go, we’re not going to have enough money.
    This simply isn’t true! In fact, this is The Law of Sacrifice at play. To create something of a higher nature, we must be willing to sacrifice something of a lower nature. If your client is driving you nuts, mistreating your team, and lowering your profit margins, cut them loose! Make space for the RIGHT clients to come in. That’s a pretty obvious example, but what about the less obvious examples where it may not be obvious that you’re accepting something of a lower nature.This was the case with my marriage… now, to be clear, my ex wasn’t a pain in the butt at all and was a standup guy. I talked ALL about my divorce in a recent podcast episode!

    Here’s the short: I did the work. I took ownership, showed up differently, and communicated clearly. I wasn’t perfect, none of us are, but I didn’t abdicate responsibility… and after doing this, the relationship still wasn’t the container that worked for either of us anymore. I realized it wasn’t changing and I wasn’t in a partnership that would allow me to create the lit up, turned on life I desired!! I had to ask myself honestly, “do I want to stay small??” The answer was no. (He had to ask himself the same questions too.) Now, I’m in a powerhouse relationship and having the best sex of my life!! But that wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t been willing to sacrifice something of a lower nature. This is necessary for growth!! But it’s not automatic, you must keep growing and holding yourself to higher standards.

  6. Don’t make the other person wrong. Total ownership, remember? I’ve touched on this concept in the other points I’ve made, but it’s worth calling out on it’s own. When you make the other person wrong, you’re vibrating from a place of wrongness and perpetuating that. The thing that you want to avoid by blaming someone else and calling what they did or said wrong, is being wrong yourself. Yet, in doing so it is the very thing that you are creating more of in your life and your relationships. What we put out gets reflected back to us!! That’s the Law. Sometimes that’s immediate, and sometimes it comes back around like a boomerang a little while later. Either way, it’s not good for stepping into more!! Step out of the right/wrong paradigm. Try acceptance instead.
  7. Pay attention to projection. If you try to blame someone else for what you feel and the experience you’re having… there’s a good chance you’re projecting your issues onto them. We all do this to some degree; it’s a normal human defense mechanism!This can look like resenting your partner and considering them selfish for taking time to themselves because you resent the fact that you never do. It can be blaming a team member for being disorganized and causing missed deadlines when you’re the one who isn’t on top of your time management and keeps forgetting to handle the critical tasks each day. It might even be resenting your coach and how they run their business because you haven’t been able to set your own boundaries in place.However it shows up for you, it’s important to become aware of it and own it fully!! When you do, your relationships will be so much better and you will have stepped into your power so much more fully.
  8. Be on the wavelength of the people you want to attract. Do you want to find a friend group that enjoys dinner parties or takes group trips? Do you want a partner that ravishes you every time they see you? Do you want a team that kicks ass and dominates in your industry? Do you want high-end clients that easily drop tens of thousands of dollars on your offerings?Remember The Law of Vibration! Show up at the frequency of what you desire. BE that person NOW. Live your life that way. Run your business at that level. And remember, how you THINK and FEEL about yourself matters big time!! It influences your energetic state, who you’re being in the world, and the frequency you put out. When I’m feeling hot and sexy, that’s exactly when my man calls!!! ;-) There are no coincidences.
  9. Understand that security doesn’t come from other people. It comes from YOU. Yes, of course we love the company of other people. We are, each of us to varying degrees, social creatures. I’m not anti-people! Lol! But here’s the distinction… The good that we desire comes through other people. Money comes from Source through people. That book deal comes from Source through people. The business deal comes from Source through people. The hot, intimate, passionate relationship comes from Source through another person. It comes through other people not from them. This is such an important distinction. (I feel a podcast episode brewing on this!! There’s so much to say.) Suffice it to say, most people place their hope, belief, and security in other people and stop there. But knowing how to hook yourself up to Source will forever change how you experience security. No longer will you live in worry, doubt, or fear of what other people will say or do and what they think of you. No longer will you make yourself small for other people because you think your safety and security comes from them. When you realize that you must work on the level of source, not symptoms everything changes. You will own your outcomes and your life. You will own your security.
    When you have this, it becomes easier to form solid relationships of all kinds! You’re comfortable talking to anyone, and you let go of the fear of rejection.

Is Your Relationship Hindering Growth?

This is an important question to ask yourself, and one I had to ask myself when I was married.

I talked ALL about this in a recent episode on The Unstoppable Woman Podcast. Yep! I got very personal and talked about my divorce. I shared how and why my ex and I decided to set each other free from what was, in many ways, a really good marriage.

I want to preface this episode by saying that I am not pro-divorce, I am very much pro-love, and this truly is the love episode.


Additionally, Sarah on Team Unstoppable asked me a ton of questions about this and we go even deeper with this topic in our special “Unpacking the Episode” conversation! If you had questions for me while listening to the divorce episode, you’re not going to want to skip this. :-)

So tell me… which of the above stood out to you the most, and around what relationships??

What new causes will you put into effect, and what Universal Laws caught your attention?


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The 20 Things (And Counting) We Did to Launch Our Podcast

By Amira Alvarez Today I want to dive into ALL THE THINGS we did to create and launch The Unstoppable Woman Podcast. Use what we learned as a Blueprint if and when you launch your own podcast... We know that the trends for marketing are moving towards more audio, and there's so much…

Today I want to dive into ALL THE THINGS we did to create and launch The Unstoppable Woman Podcast. Use what we learned as a Blueprint if and when you launch your own podcast…

We know that the trends for marketing are moving towards more audio, and there’s so much conversation I want to create to help you get out of your own way so you can experience more freedom… so it was a no-brainer to get on the bandwagon and get our podcast launched this year!

And with more people at home right now, podcasts are a highly consumed form of edu-entertainment, as well as a great way to build your know, like, and trust with your audience.

Today I want to share EVERYTHING we’ve learned about what it takes to create, launch, and produce a podcast. :-)

First, you have to have a plan!

If you’re going for a casual, fly-by-the seat of your pants approach in your business, I suppose you could just get yourself any ol’ microphone and start recording using Quicktime on your computer… but I think it’s essential to have a clear, well-laid plan.

You’ll want to consider things such as:

  • Show name: This might take some research to ensure there’s not another podcast using the name you want or that you’re not infringing on any copyrights. The name should align with your brand and clearly communicate what it’s about and who it’s for. Don’t get so clever that people don’t know at first reading what you’re all about. I recommend taking a look at all the podcasts in your industry to see what’s in use, what naming structures you like, and what’s working for other people. Since we’re building a brand around The Unstoppable Woman (and we hold the copyright!), ours was a natural choice.
  • Content: What are the topics and talking points that are most important to cover? This comes back to your positioning, offers, marketing, and business. What are your clients’ and customers’ biggest pain points? What are the most commonly asked questions that you get? What are the core pillars of what you teach? Having worked with leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, and creatives since 2013, I know my audience REALLY well! The team and I sat down early on to map out potential topics, stories, and formats that would best serve our audience, and we regularly check in about what would be most relevant and useful… and we listen to our community! (Got a topic you want me to teach on? Click here to leave us a short audio message and we may do a whole episode on that very topic!)
  • Show format: It’s important to know what your format is going to be… just you teaching? Interviews with different guests? Clips or excerpts from speaking events or programs? Behind the scenes? A mix? Once you get going, you may decide to mix things up, but take some time to get clear on your format upfront.We decided to do a mix to keep things interesting… I do solo teaching episodes, some of which Sarah Hockett, my fabulous Marketing Manager, interviews me on afterward for an “unpacking the episode” special where she asks me deeper questions on the topic I covered. We have our Deconstructing the Path to Freedom series where I break down how successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and creatives achieve at such high levels. We also take the daily lessons from our Morning Mindset Club and combine them into one weekly episode (soon with bonus content at the end). And we’re about to add Unstoppable Woman Spotlights featuring interviews with some of my clients and other powerhouse women from a variety of industries and professions!
  • Show flow: This is similar to figuring out your format… what is the general flow you want each episode to go through? Is there a standard intro with music at the start? Do you highlight a compelling snippet right off the bat to pull people in? Do you want to plug an offer or call to action in the middle? Is the outro music different than the intro? And what, ultimately, do you want people to do after they’ve listened?For our episodes, we take a short and compelling snippet from the podcast and place it before the intro music, right at the beginning. This engages the listener right off the bat so that they’re intrigued!

    We also wanted music to set the vibe for the podcast and give it a more profesh feel. After listening to what felt like every song available on Audiojungle and not having anything feel JUST right, we reached out to an artist who had a great song available on the market. The beat was right, the tone was right, but the words felt off. We asked him if he could create something just for us, that would represent our Unstoppable Woman brand. A few days and $199 later we had the perfect music. (Yes, that’s all a custom song cost us from someone in the Ukraine–beautiful small world that it is– and it was SO worth it!) I hope you love it as much as we do!

    We also thought through and recorded a clear call to action at the end that leads people to our free stuff page. This allows them to learn more about us, join our community, and get a ton more valuable free content! (You should check it out too. We keep adding more good stuff there.)

  • Medium: While marketing trends show us that the move to audio is strong, video is still a HUGE driver when it comes to consuming content! You need to decide what medium you want your podcast to be. It obviously needs audio… ;-) But do you want to film a video while you record and share that on YouTube? Or to have small snippets of you talking for other places like Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram? If so, this gives you more options for repurposing, distributing, and promoting your podcast. That said, we decided not to film video initially because of some technical issues we were having (pro level video is a whole other ball game!) but to create an animated still with the audio so that we could add it to a playlist on YouTube. This is something many podcasters do as well.
  • Production plan: This is how you edit and produce your podcast. The quality of your audio is determined by your equipment, which I’ll talk about next. What we do is record our episodes in advance. Once we have the recording, we put it in an Adobe Audition template that we created ahead of time. (You can also do this in Garage Band.) This allows us to save time on editing when we already have our theme music in place, and outros loaded and on the ready. We choose the juiciest snippet we can find and add that to the front end, so listeners get a taste of the awesomeness right away. We have this system dialed in now, with Sarah picking the intro snippet, then sending it to me for approval. My best advice here is find what works for you and create a streamlined process around that so that you’re not re-creating the wheel each and every time.
  • Schedule: You need to think about how often you want to release new episodes and be consistent in publishing. Some of the best days during the week are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Whether you’re doing three episodes a week or one a month, decide on the schedule and determine which day of the week you want to release. Consistency is KEY!! We release new episodes on Thursdays, bonus “unpacking the episode” features on Tuesdays, and our weekly Morning Mindset Club episode on Saturdays. Find what works for you.
  • Location: Where will your podcast live? A page on your main website? On its own website? We created a branded podcast page on our site, as well as unique post templates for our blog so that you feel like you’re in an exclusive podcast zone! My tip: keep it simple. No need to create a second website if that’s going to keep you from getting started and putting yourself out there. Use what you’ve got, upgrade as you go.
  • Marketing: What’s your plan for getting the word out when the podcast launches, but also each time a new episode is released? This requires thinking through your online and offline marketing strategies and seeing where it fits into the flow.We have quite a flow!! For each episode, we include a link to it in our email newsletters, share a teaser audio snippet and quote graphics to our social media channels, upload a video to the YouTube playlist, and share it in our groups. We get it out EVERYWHERE we can. :-)

Second, you need the equipment.

It’s easy to go down a rabbithole of options and possibilities when it comes to equipment, so I’m going to share with you what we use. Just know that there are options for ALL budgets. The most important thing is making sure your microphone is as high-quality as you can afford… sound is everything!!

Here’s what I have for my current setup:

  • Microphone: At the recommendation of an expert, we use the Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone. It’s a fantastic microphone, and I love the quality.
  • Microphone stand: This isn’t totally essential, but it does make things easier. :-) I use the Auray BAI-2N Two-Section Broadcast Arm to position the microphone close to my face while allowing myself to be hands-free.
  • Headphones: Having headphones is great for doing interviews, because you need to be able to hear what the other person is saying (which most external microphones won’t allow for without headphones plugged in)! They’re also great for being able to hear yourself and your sound quality as you’re recording. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones, and I love them!
  • Recorder: I use the Zoom H6 Recorder with an XLR Cable and 128GB SD Cards to record the audio rather than connecting the microphone to my computer. This allows for a higher level of audio control and sound, but it’s an investment!! Personally, this was so worth it and makes recording for me a breeze!

This is what I look like in action!

Pretty cool, huh?!

Third, you need to launch!!

Your launch can be as big or as small as you want. That said, launching something new and free is a great reason to make a lot of noise! You want to get as many subscribes, downloads, and reviews as possible right out of the gate. If you get enough, you can be featured on Apple’s New and Noteworthy section, which gives you great visibility.

  • Branding: Podcast cover art needs to stand out amongst the sea of other options. Choose brighter colors, crisp and straightforward imagery, and bold text. Plus use only essential and necessary text. Make sure the title and your name are visible and legible from a distance. Play with different options and see what resonates with your people… in fact, consider creating a poll! This is an excellent opportunity for engagement with your audience.
  • Show description: This is the information that will help viewers decide whether or not they want to check out and subscribe to your content. Make sure it’s clear and compelling and sets you apart from everyone else in your industry. We ran through several variations, lengths, wording, and tones to find what was most captivating!
  • Show notes: This is the content you see that goes along with each episode and lets you know what to expect. One of the easiest ways to create show notes is to have the audio transcribed somewhere like and then edit that into a short episode description and a list of talking points that you cover throughout. Show notes are also an excellent tool for SEO. This is the place to load up on keywords for your business and your episode – as long as you still make it sound natural. This is why we go with an overview first and then a bulleted list of talking points. This allows us to include all the juicy tidbits, that makes us searchable and still have it be easily digestible to the listener that’s about to hit play.
  • Pillar episodes: To increase your odds of a successful launch, you’ll want to create a handful of pillar episodes to release all at once. These should be some of your CORE teaching topics and concepts because, in addition to being the base of your launch, they’re generally topics you’ll refer back to over and over. For example… our pillar posts touched on what it means to be an unstoppable woman, Universal Laws of Success, embracing truth, subconscious programming, and the Manifestation Matrix. If you know me, you know I talk about these things A TON, because they’re important. This allows us to start the podcast off strong while also giving us episodes we can refer people back to!
  • Ask for support: Make a list of ALL the people you can reach out to and ask them to subscribe, download, and review. I emailed old friends, colleagues, clients, family, connections, acquaintances, and social media connections. Phew! I personalized every message and made it VERY easy for them to do all the things we needed. And guess what… this got us 48 five-star reviews to kick things off!!If you have a moment to leave us your own five-star review, we’ll send you one of our BRAND NEW Unstoppable Woman makeup bags for FREE!! (Isn’t it adorbs?!)

    Here are the steps:


    2. Click on Listen on Apple Podcasts – in purple rectangle – Listen on Apple Podcasts

    3. Write Review. :)

    Send us a screenshot of your review with your mailing address!

  • Set up syndication: There are a lot of different syndication platforms out there these days to make this process easy. We use Blubrry because of its seamless integration with WordPress. This service allows us to post each episode in one place on our website and have it automatically distributed to all the most popular channels such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and more. The setup can be a little tricky, but their customer service is outstanding and that initial setup only has to be done once. For the sake of efficiency, I highly recommend utilizing some sort of syndication service, no matter what that may be. This saves us loads of time!

Lastly, you need to be consistent in creating new content and marketing it!

This is simple: stick to the plan you’ve created!

Course correct when needed… but don’t go to the trouble of launching your podcast only to fizzle out after a handful of episodes. Don’t be inconsistent and expect your audience to be there excited for a random release here or there.

Hold yourself to a higher standard and commit to consistency. This might mean getting ahead of yourself (we try to stay four weeks ahead when we can!!) It also might mean hiring support to help with different aspects of production, marketing, and even content creation.

There’s a lot to it and we’re constantly iterating to improve all aspects of our podcast and marketing. For instance, we’re in the process of developing a way for you to search for particular episodes and content. Stay tuned for that!

Podcasts are a GREAT TOOL for building your audience and getting yourself and your message out into the world. If you’re going to do it, do it well and do it consistently.

Not sure if a podcast is the best way for you to grow your business right now?

Let’s hop on a quick call to talk about the best next steps for you to grow yourself and your income regardless of outside circumstances. :-)

Click here to book a time (spots are limited, but I would love to talk to you!).


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Mastering Sales

The truth, whether you want to hear it or not, is: money comes through sales.

There is always a sale. Whether you’re writing a newsletter to your email list or having a conversation with a prospective client on the phone, writing a grant proposal or chatting with someone informally… when money changes hands, there’s a sale.

Sales is unavoidable, especially if you want to make really good money in your business.

I was recently interviewed on The Story Engine Podcast on Mastering Sales.

In this episode, I talk to Kyle about:

  • How to break through your glass ceilings
  • Why most people self-sabotage in sales
  • Overcoming the fear of rejection
  • How to prepare for a sales call
  • The preliminary questions you need to ask in advance
  • How to start the sales conversation, the first question you should ask
  • What to do at the end of the sales conversation
  • The why behind what people purchase