You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

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Break Through Denial: A Manifestation Must

By Amira Alvarez

The second step in the Manifestation Matrix, denial, plays a significant role in why many individuals struggle to manifest their desires. It’s important to recognize that denial is not something to be feared but an integral part of the manifestation process.

In fact, one common obstacle is actually denying the very existence of denial. 🙄

Many people choose to ignore, avoid, or sidestep it, leading to various delays in their manifestation journey.

The denial phase occurs when you declare your desire, but doubts and questions begin to emerge.

This happens to ALL OF US when we’re really going after something that stretches us, that’s BIG, that we haven’t YET been able to create in our lives.

It’s important to recognize how doubt sneaks into our thinking… even if you want to deny it.

Pay attention to when you have thoughts such as:

– Is it wrong to want that?
– How can I possibly make it happen?
– Is this truly what I desire?
– Is it responsible to pursue this?
– Am I being greedy or self-serving?
– Shouldn’t I be content with what I have?
– I’ll never attain that.
– I’m asking for too much.
– That’s not meant for me.
– And more…

These doubts can undermine your confidence and, if left unaddressed, trap you in the denial phase, leading to frustration and unmet desires.

Now let’s go deeper…

Doubts can manifest in two ways: they can be prominent, causing inner conflict and a noticeable misalignment between your thoughts and your emotions. Or, they can lurk beneath the surface, leaving you with a sense that something is off, even when you believe everything is fine.

This later tendency to “deny the denial” is a common pitfall.

In the realm of business, denying the denial may involve ignoring misgivings about organizational changes, initiatives, or personal presentation. In your personal life, it can mean disregarding uncertainties about how to achieve your aspirations, questioning your worthiness of a better life, or underestimating the time and effort required.

Continuing to ignore these misgivings prevents you from attaining the necessary vibrational frequency for your manifestations to become reality. Remember…to receive what you desire, you must align with its vibrational frequency.

So, how do you transition from the denial phase to a state of receptivity? Here are a few tips:

1. Acknowledge that denial is part of the process. It doesn’t need to be magnified with fear or anxiety, but it shouldn’t become an excuse to remain stuck. Work through it.

2. Calmly investigate the source of dissonance and doubt. Ask yourself where the dissonance is coming from, what its origin is, where you feel off, and what the storyline in your head is indicating. Keep asking questions and listening until you uncover the truth and understand where you’re not aligned.

3. Experiment with shifting your desires in both more general and more specific directions. Pay attention to how each adjustment makes you feel—whether it makes you feel open and expansive or tight and restricted. If it feels neutral, that might not be where you’re in denial. Keep exploring, asking questions, and making adjustments until you move beyond the denial phase and align with the vibrational frequency of your desires.

Remember, acknowledging and overcoming denial is an essential step on your path to successful manifestation of all that you desire and your exquisite life as both a woman and an empire builder.

Embrace the process, stay open to adjustments, and trust in your ability to progress from denial to the FULL manifestation of every one of your wishes fulfilled.

You can do this!

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