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Comparing Yourself To Others? How To Make It Work

By Amira Alvarez

Are you comparing your business to other people’s? Do you worry about where you “should be” vs where you are right now?

More importantly… do you know what it means that you’re doing this?

It’s actually a clever way that your subconscious mind gets you to stop moving beyond your safe, comfort zone of known experience.

Translation: it stops you from taking the necessary steps to grow your own business.

All you have to do is look at the results of these thoughts to understand how this process works.

What happens directly after you compare yourself to another person who’s further ahead of you or doing what you want to do, but haven’t yet manifested in your life?

Do you feel bad and check out in some way? Do you comfort eat… distract yourself… take a nap… clean out the closet, do laundry, or do some sort of busy work in your business?

Or do you go into spin out action, trying to do everything now but not getting real traction on anything of significance?

Chances are you do something other than the work you need to be doing right now at this stage in your business.

You don’t write that email or put together the big proposal. You don’t make the sales call or do your follow-up. You don’t create the video or do your marketing.

You definitely don’t have good, delightful energy around your business that makes you want to show up powerfully every day!!

Here’s what to do inside instead when you feel comparison gut you.  

Notice these thoughts, be aware of them, and acknowledge them. “Ahhh, this is where I want to be going.”

Then remind yourself to DO THE WORK FROM WHERE YOU’RE AT.

Hold your vision for the future like a carrot. Let it guide you forward, yes. But do the work where you’re at right now.

Stop comparing yourself to someone else’s progress. Stop trying to bypass the necessary steps. Be where you are and do the work from that point FIRST. What is it that you need to be working on right now? Go do that.

The more quickly you’re able to do this, the more quickly your quantum leap will happen.

You can’t get to where you want to be without taking the steps from where you are now. There’s no bypassing this. :-)


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