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Create More Abundance in Your Life by Doing This

Create More Abundance in Your Life by Doing This

By Amira Alvarez

If you’re not tracking or looking at your numbers… around revenue, marketing metrics, fitness goals, and everything else… you’re not accepting the TRUTH about where you stand and limit yourself from creating abundance in your life.

And because of this, you’re limiting the amount of GROWTH you can experience.


If you want to create abundance in any area of your life, especially income, you have to look at the numbers.

You have to be willing to see things for what they are—so that you can make INFORMED decisions about what’s working and what’s not.

It can be scary, I know.

But I also know that it can turn you on.

Yes, numbers and spreadsheets can be sexy!! Hear me out.

Nothing is sexier than achieving your goals, right?

Especially those big juicy desires you hold… the six or seven-figure income… that dream apartment on the Upper East Side… the vacation home… or the streamlined business that helps you live out your purpose and gives you time with your loved ones and for your passion projects.

THAT’S all sexy.

And knowing the numbers makes it inevitable.

I know numbers can feel scary and overwhelming… especially if you tell yourself the story that ‘you’re not good with numbers’ or you ‘don’t like spreadsheets’. (I know really smart women that want to run and hide when it comes to clearly looking at their numbers.)

But do you want to be someone with excuses and inconsistent resultsor someone with the actual successes you desire in income, impact, reach, and lifestyle?

The latter requires honesty with yourself, which requires looking at the numbers.

Are you willing to do that?

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