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Do You Do This Every Morning?

By Amira Alvarez

Let me guess, you’re someone with big dreams and LOTS OF IDEAS. :)

Yet, you wrestle with yourself… maybe even every morning… about what to focus on and do first.

  • You remind yourself that you have so much to do.
  • You tell yourself you have to get up and get a move on.
  • You berate yourself about wasting more time.
  • You call yourself lazy.


If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. And if it doesn’t, chances are you tell yourself some other variation of things that center around not being good enough.

But, hmmm… what if you’re not lazy or not ____ enough?

What if you just have competing desires and don’t clearly choose, so then you never feel like you’re accomplishing anything, feel guilty, and call yourself lazy?

What if that was a big fat lie?

What if there was a way to step out of this very common pattern?

(There is!)

It’s simple: CHOOSE.

DECIDE what will move the needle around what you desire in your business and FOCUS on taking those actions first and foremost. Don’t worry about the rest. There really is time enough for it all… but only if you start now, with one.

When you choose, decide, and then focus on that, you know exactly what you need to get up out of bed to do every morning… and when you start to see the PROGRESS, you feel excited.

You’re no longer busy beating yourself up and calling yourself lazy (or “not ____ enough”).

You’re in action. Making things happen. Moving the needle. Reaching your goals.

But it begins with making that choice.

Where are you struggling with competing desires?

And what will you DECIDE to CHOOSE and FOCUS on today?


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