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Does Energetic Work Get Easier?

By Amira Alvarez

Have you ever said to yourself, “Please tell me that this inner energetic work gets easier so I can just get on with making bank from all my brilliant ideas”?


I used to say that too. I was committed to my personal growth and doing what it took to show up as an unstoppable woman in business but quite honestly… I was tired of the emotional roller coaster that came with doing the deep transformational work.

The truth is it took me many years of working on my core limiting beliefs. Then one day I realized I was done with needing the deeper energetic, transformational work. Sure, things still come up occasionally, but they don’t linger and it’s not a rollercoaster of emotions because I know how to move through it. I don’t get thrown for a loop like I used to.

In fact, when shizz comes up, I embrace it. I move toward it.

It’s my growth edge and I always want to be growing.

So what changed for me?

As I said, I did lots of transformational work on myself.
That was really important and foundational.

But the real lynchpin was when I DECIDED I wasn’t going to indulge ANY thoughts that caused me to spin out and become unproductive or unfocused. I made the CHOICE to have zero tolerance for any of that.

(Scroll down below this post to grab my free Stop Your Spinout Guide. I show you the exact method I used to stop these unproductive thoughts.)

Was that easy to execute? No.
Did it work? Yes.

If you’re done with the emotional rollercoaster and getting emotionally sideswiped by triggers in your life and business and you just want to focus and show up every day as the unstoppable woman that you are… you can.

But first, you have a decision to make… are you or are you not going to indulge the thoughts that send you down the rabbit hole?

The answer to this question is what determines whether it gets easier or not.


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