You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business

How to Have Financial Freedom and an Abundance of Time

Financial Freedom and Time Abundance Is Possible

By Amira Alvarez

Most people feel trapped by time and money. Those are the two main resources that people feel like they don’t have enough of. They tell themselves this is what’s holding them back from living their best life.  That is not financial freedom.

They think, “If only I had more money…” or “Once I have more timeI’ll be free.”

This is how so many women operate, thinking they’re being realistic and will do the bigger, better, more aligned things (whatever they are for you) once they’re ALREADY making more money and can afford it.

Or once they’ve ALREADY cleared up their schedule from those time-consuming obligations.

But that’s not how the Spirit/Source/The Universe works.

In fact, when they think like this, theyve got it all backwards.

The fact of the matter is, when you become free, you create the time and the money.

This is because the Universe gives you exactly the money and time that you expect for yourself (and thus take the action to create for yourself.)

When you decide that you can’t squeeze in that one thing that will create more for your life and your business, you fill up your time with secondhand obligations instead.

And when you decide that you can’t afford something, you’re telling the Universe that you don’t expect the money. You expect to stay exactly where you are. That is not financial freedom.

And then you act accordingly. At that level.

To be clear, I’m not saying you should spend frivolously and buy a private jet when you make $50k. ;-) 

You have to start from where you are and you also have to do the work.

For me, this meant flying first class when I believed I “couldn’t afford to fly first class.” For a long time, I was totally resistant to the idea. There was a little voice in my head saying, “That’s frivolous! Irresponsible!”

But I went for it, and it turned out that it completely pushed me to do more, make more, be more. 

It was a BIG growth edge challenge. I had to face so much and do so much inner and outer game work. It stretched me tremendously. It gave me the financial freedom I enjoy so much.

And that’s because you have to actually make that move first – with faith – in order to recognize that you are someone who can create her own freedom.

What decision can you make today to get one step closer to that?

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