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Goals vs Desires: A key difference when it comes to manifestation

By Amira Alvarez

I was talking to a long-time private client this morning about what is next for her.

It was a question I posed to her last week for her to contemplate. 

Things are good, even great for her yet she’s ready for more. I can feel it. She can feel it. But she doesn’t YET know what it is.

She came back to me today with an awareness that she hasn’t really “done goals” well in her life. She just focuses on doing good work and things unfold for her.

We unpacked this and I shared how this was both in alignment with how the Universe works to deliver the manifestations you desire and how it’s also incomplete.

Let me explain…

The Law of Compensation says that in order for you to receive greater compensation you must become bigger than your present place… bigger than who you’re being right now.

This requires growth. 

Growth requires that you become more.

When you have a standard of excellence for yourself in your work and you keep taking on more and doing it with excellence, you will naturally become more. 

You will grow yourself to be a bigger container for the good that you desire.

(This is true whether we’re talking about income, ease, love, spaciousness, exuberant joy, sexual energy, or whatever you desire.)

This is how you become open to receiving more.

And yet there’s often an unconscious missing piece…


True desire, not lack disguised as desire, is a cause set in motion.

When you claim a true desire it calls you forward into the growth that the Law of Compensation asks of you.

It’s connected to YOUR truth – not a should.

It’s connected to YOUR abundance – not scarcity.

It’s connected to YOUR purpose – not an obligation.

Now let’s compare this to goals. 

I’m a big fan of them but only when you can hold them with an open heart and only when they start from a place of desire… not should, not scarcity, not obligation. 

Most people when they set a goal that doesn’t meet the “desire criteria” immediately feel a certain amount of constriction. 

This is actually a GOOD thing. It’s telling you that you’re off course, either slightly or to a large extent.

This is a forced goal, rather than a true desire.

In order to shift, it just takes tapping back into what you truly, really want.

What is that for you?

This is what we’ll be discussing in our Spirit of Wealth Retreat – what is rising up in you ready for a rebirth. #PhoenixRising

If you have interest in joining us for this in early October, please send me an email.

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