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How I Get to Live with the Man of my Dreams

By Amira Alvarez

There’s a part of the manifestation process I haven’t talked about a lot. 

It’s the course correction part. It’s the part where you go with the flow and you don’t get stuck forcing one way over the other.

Here’s how it works…

You want something, whether small or large. Desire has called you. 

You get clear on it for yourself. You name it and claim it. (Infinite Intelligence already knows, this part is for you and your alignment.)

Then you get ideas. They come to you clearly as distinct knowing, signs, magical alignments, i.e. running into the particular people, events, opportunities.

You act on them. This is the place not to overthink. Decide and act quickly when you’re moved, when you know. 

BUT then…

They don’t always work out according to what YOU had in mind.

That doesn’t mean they’re not working out. They are! 

The Universe is an ordered place. Sometimes it may seem like chaos or things not working out but that’s only from your level of awareness. There is always order… and it’s always in your favor. But you have to be open to seeing it that way

Let me give you an example…

I met a man. Not just any man. But the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. (This is a longer story of finally getting over a core wound of being unlovable, one that haunted me through dating, a marriage, and subsequent relationships but that’s for another time…)

As my relationship evolved, it quickly became clear that we wanted to live together. Desire calls.

Small issue… I live in North Carolina and he lives in California, where he’s happily fathering teenagers, so it’s not as easy as just shacking up.

So I set an intention. I named it and claimed it…

Daughter happy, son happy, ex happy, and James and I supremely happy, living together by the end of the year.

This intention represents my true desire. I desired a way for James and I to be supremely happy living together by the end of the year that included his kids being happy as well. That was what really mattered to me. 

The ‘how that happened’ didn’t matter to me. I was open to all the ways.

Flash forward to lots of signs (like multiple run-ins with my real estate agent) and quickly deciding to put my house up for sale and move to California. 

This was a full steam ahead kind of decision. I acted quickly and we were staged, listed, and set to show it licketedy split. 

Then it was off to CA to look at houses to buy or rent.

There were two almost right places, but neither were our ‘it’ place. Hmmm… this isn’t working out as planned?

But in the process of looking at one ‘almost it’ place in Montecito, which was a much further distance from his kids than we originally planned, James realized he was good with the idea of commuting weekly.

So he suggests, what if I move in with you and commute from North Carolina?

I say, YES! (Of course.)

Now let’s break this down…

This was clearly the order of the Universe. With the level of awareness that 20/20 hindsight provides, the order is so clear.

We needed to explore all the options, in order to get good with this one.
We needed to try to make other things work, in order to get the idea that would work.   
We needed to act and not loop on why it wasn’t working, in order to be open to the best way forward.

Move in day is coming right up…November 27th, before the end of the year. :) 

So voila… the clear intentional desire I set…

Daughter happy, son happy, ex happy, and James and I supremely happy, living together by the end of the year.

…was met after all with so much beauty, ease, and order. 

Long story short, this is how manifestation often works. You lock onto an idea for creating what you want but that may not be the easiest, most graceful and ordered way for the Universe to provide you what you want. Be open to that. Go with the flow. Don’t force the way.


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