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How Self-Image Can Tap Into The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

How Self-Image Can Tap Into The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

By Amira Alvarez

All the energy that is in the Universe is flowing through you… and it’s taking the form of the thoughts that you’re thinking.

This may sound like a woo concept, but EVERYTHING that is created starts as a thought.

What’s creating those thoughts? And why do you think certain thoughts versus other thoughts?

And if those thoughts are negative like — “I just can’t get ahead… I wouldn’t be able to maintain that… I can’t do it… That’s not for people like me…” what ends up happening???

When you hold self-abusive thoughts like this in your heart, it stops you from taking action and making real progress towards your big goals, whether they’re financial, personal, relational, or all of the above.

These thoughts inhibit your every move, in turn influencing every choice you make, every action you take, all of your results and outcomes.

It’s not luck. It’s not random. It’s not happening to you.

You are creating this, and you’re doing it whether you understand it or not.

But what I want you to do is understand it—and then learn how to control it.

It starts with changing your self-image—what you think about yourself.

If you’re not getting the results you truly want, then you know that your self-image… has not kept up with your desires for what you want to achieve in this life.

It hasn’t kept up with your massive potential. It hasn’t kept up with the things you could achieve if you were executing at your highest level, and if you were living that extraordinary life you don’t just deserve… you require.

To get there, you first have to work on your self-image.

This is the only way out of the self-imposed trap you’re in.

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