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How to be Persistent in Business

Who Are You in the Face of Temporary Defeat?

By Amira Alvarez

Do you know what to do when you feel stuck or defeated?

So many women start the process of getting unstuck with so much excitement, and so much motivation to create abundance in their life and business.

They feel energized. They jump into the work, thrilled about what’s to come!

But here’s the thing… success doesn’t just come.

And that excited energy that you start off running with? It will wane.

Especially if you don’t see results right away – which is incredibly common!! (You have to be persistent in business!)

Sometimes it feels like you’ve been working hard at your goal for ages, but you just can’t seem to get there.

Whatever you do, something always seems to come up, hindering your progress. You’re so fed up that if life throws one more challenge your way… you think you just won’t be able to take it! You just want to crawl into your hidey-hole and admit defeat.

By thinking that way, you’re setting yourself up for the hard, the struggle, even the failure.

You need your self-talk to be constructive! Being in business is challenging enough already – there’s no space for this mindset to be holding you back.

But you also must BE someone who is persistent, who doesn’t accept temporary defeat.

You must increase your INNER POWER. You must know how TO BE in the face of temporary defeats that are oh so common in business.

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