You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business

HOW To Call In Exactly What You Desire

By Amira Alvarez

When we’re leveling up in our lives and businesses… truly going for MORE in all the ways that both excite and terrify us… one of the things that stops us is the how.

*How will I move to the next level in my work?
*How will I actually make six or seven figures in my business?
*How will I finally lose the weight if I haven’t been able to for years?
*How will I sell this new product or package I’m excited about?
*How will I find the time to take that trip I’ve always dreamed of?
*How will I find the money to buy the clothes, the new house, the car I want?

Seems practical to consider these things…

Yet, that’s exactly where we get hung up, stuck, stalled… and we never move forward.

You see, sometimes we claim what we want (the first step in The Unstoppable Woman Methodology), and how we start calling that in is crystal clear… so we just need to take the actions.

Often times, however, jumping from claiming what we want to trying to find the how is missing a step… the second, incredibly important step of The Unstoppable Woman Methodology… which is to DECIDE. Decide that you’re going to do/be/have whatever you desire.

It’s not just… “that would be nice.”
It’s definitely not… “maybe someday soon.”
And it’s certainly not… “but that’s not practical now.”

You DECIDE that this is what you are going to do, be, have… FULL STOP.

Deciding means eliminating other options… it means you’re no longer spinning on the what ifs and maybes… you are DOING THIS. Even if you don’t know how.

Because DECIDING is required for the HOW to be revealed to us. Deciding is what prompts us to step into a new way of BEING, which opens us up to new possibilities, opportunities, and actions.

It declares to Spirit, “okay, we’re doing this now, what’s next,” and Spirit gives you guidance… but not before you decide.

But DECIDING hits up against our deepest fears… blocks… beliefs… stories… and our subconscious mind is an absolutely pro at giving us seemingly great reasons to not move forward. So we never truly, deeply, fully decide.

Whether you’re ready to double or triple your income, or create some other amazing outcome in your life, this is the process you need to know!

I’ll show you how to move from claiming your desire… to DECIDING that it’s happening… and into the aligned actions that help you become TRULY unstoppable and turn your life into a work of art… quickly, and with far more ease.

Can’t wait to go deeper into this with you…



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