You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business

Is your work manipulating you?

By Amira Alvarez

“Shouldn’t I be satisfied?”… you tell yourself. 

And yet you’re not.

There’s something gnawing at you, deep underneath the surface of all the tasks.

There’s clearly more that you desire. 

You know that what you want is bigger than simply picking your next revenue goal. 

Maybe it’s more spaciousness that you want…? 

Maybe it’s a deeper love…? 

Maybe it’s a more meaningful life…?

Whatever it is that you truly want, the truth is… you’ll never find it if you keep distracting yourself with work… no matter how important that work is.

Work, for the Achiever, is the master manipulator. 

It seduces you into avoidance by giving you the gifts of success. 

When we accomplish something, we get that “hit” that says “woohoo, success!”

We get the appreciation, accolades, status, and financial remuneration.

All gifts. All great things.

But what if, while in pursuit of your next hit of success, work is keeping you from manifesting your deepest yearnings?

Work is the best form of distraction. The. Very. Best.

It’s required and therefore justifiable.
It proves that you’re needed.
It shows that you excel.
It demonstrates your brilliance.
And you’re really good at it.

Plus you get lots of kudos for it and the success that it often creates. What’s not to love about that status and those accolades?

Those were hard won, so we’re definitely not going to diminish them.

And yet… 

There’s got to be a different way to live life… one that allows you to create an exquisite life of beauty, truth, love, meaning, and success… without having to prove yourself all the time.

It’s time to stop running and start receiving so much more from life. 

Stay tuned for more on The Exquisite Life Plan.

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