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How to know what to focus on

How to Step into a Place of Absolute Clarity

By Amira Alvarez

Ever find yourself feeling scatterbrained and all over the place, not knowing what to focus on now? Or overwhelmed and confused? You start to do one thing and get distracted by another before forgetting what the first task was altogether?

I have a feeling this may sound familiar. ;-)

The next time you find yourself feeling this way, I want you to pause.

Stop what you’re doing. Step back. Then ask yourself… What do I really want? What’s the big picture that I’m going after?

What do I really want to accomplish in the next week? In the next month? In the next year?

Is today’s to-do list filled with tasks that are actually going to get me there? Or am I just trying to feel productive by being busy?

We can get so busy and bogged down by our day-to-day tasks and routines, our long to-do list, and the doubts, worries, and fears that we stop being truly productive. We stop knowing what to focus on. We get scattered, confused, and overwhelmed. We stop being purposeful.

This lack of clarity radically limits your ability to call in and achieve your big goals and dreams.

Again, the first question is– What do I really want?

Then–Is this going to move the needle and really get me there? 

Drop in and ask those questions of yourself right now, then… 

If you really want to increase your level of clarity and make showing up purposefully and über productively an automatic way of being… so that you radically increase your cash flow and achieve ALL your goals faster than you ever thought possible… your next step is to understand how this fits into the Manifestation Matrix.

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