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Luck Has Nothing to Do with Success

Luck Has Nothing to Do with Success

By Amira Alvarez

Do you believe in luck? This is a sneaky way you might be giving your power away. Nobody justgets lucky.

But when we start feeling a little jealous of people around us who have reached a certain level of success, this is a classic story we tell ourselves.

We say things like…

She’s always been lucky…”
Not everyone can be ~perfect~ like [insert name]…”
Easy for him, he hasn’t been facing the issues I’ve been struggling with lately…”

It’s so easy to fall into this type of thinking… so you have to be careful here.


Because although these rationalizations will sound totally reasonable and logical, they’re actually just ways you’re letting yourself off the hook from stepping up in your life.

Yep, it’s trueWhen you do this, you’re giving away your power. You’re allowing yourself to be a victim of circumstance.

Because if success is just based on luck, then small business owners have no control over their eventual success. And “being unlucky” quickly becomes an excuse for failure, or choosing never to start in the first place.

This all ties back into the Law of Cause and Effect. If you’re not creating the results you want in your business, you have to ask yourself HOW you’re showing up in this world.

You have to look at what causes you are putting into effect. You have to take a deep, hard, honest look at what’s holding you back from truly claiming… and taking action on… what you desire in your life, business, relationships, and income.

This is the only way you’ll be able to create the results you want, consistently. And it’s the only way you’ll become truly unstoppable – in business and in life.

Are you ready for that?

If you are… What’s one thing you can do today to claim the success you deserve?

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