You know what’s not sexy about business?

Exhaustion, indecision, not being truly seen as the brilliant, powerful woman that you are.

Master the Inner and Outer Game of Business

Do you have a money goal for 2017?

By Amira Alvarez

Do you have a money goal for 2017? Heck, do you have a money goal for next month?

Or does the idea of setting a money goal make you want to run for cover?

A lot of women in business tell me that they don’t set money goals for themselves because they’re afraid of not reaching them.

The fear of “failing” or the fear of disappointing themselves, causes them to renounce goal setting completely.

Yet, you’ve heard the studies… people who set goals have higher rates of success.

What if I told you that there’s a way to set goals for yourself that won’t cause that internal panic? Would you like that?

That’s one of the many things I teach the women I coach and it’s critical to helping you break through your income barrier.

I’m passionate about helping women make more money in their business.

You need to do the work, of course, but I can show you how to make it easier.

If it’s time to let go of the excuses and really show up for yourself, let me show you how.



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