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Order, Beauty, and Success: Lessons from David Beckham

By Amira Alvarez

Last night I wrapped up the Netflix documentary on David Beckham. It was soooo good! 

I love learning about successful people’s paths and although there’s so much to muse about in this documentary, I want to focus on Beckham’s seeming obsession with order in his environment… from the meticulous way he keeps his kitchen to the order of his clothes in his closet.

One might say it’s slightly OCD or that he has too much time on his hands, but I imagine that this level of order creates so much visual beauty that it helps quiet his mind. 

I know that seeing how he folded, stacked, and arranged his t-shirts made my heart smile and calmed my nervous system right down. Ahhhhh…

As someone who loves a clean and ordered house… who organizes her closet by both type of clothing and color… who likes her shoes all facing the same way… you get the idea…it’s peaceful and easy on my eyes… I totally relate.   

Order creates so much beauty and beauty is a type of order.

But watching someone err on the side of compulsion made me muse…

Is there such a thing as too much order? 

And further… I wonder what the closets of the über successful are like???

I can’t imagine anyone who is truly on the top of their game having a disordered environment.

So does order create success or are the successful naturally ordered? 

Clearly, an OCD compulsion for order alone doesn’t create success. But a disordered environment and disordered thinking certainly creates friction that gets in the way of success in both life and business.

So what’s the lesson from Beckham’s meticulousness?

No, it’s not to be OCD about everything in life. 

The lesson is to find the order that creates beauty and flow in your life and build on that. Not so much that it constrains your flow but enough to give structure to it.

Order in your relationships, management, parenting, time, food, health, love… and yes, your closet. ;-) 

Create that order and watch your peace, ease, and success increase.

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