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Resentment: Is it you or them?

By Amira Alvarez

“Resentment is always a lack of personal responsibility.”

This is one of the reminder hacks I created for myself a long, long time ago.

And I still use it. 

Whenever I feel resentment, I now know it always indicates a lack of personal responsibility. There is something that I did or didn’t do that I’m blaming someone else for. 

A request I didn’t make.
A desire that I held back.
A communication that wasn’t clear.
A piece of information that I failed to share.
A doubt I had in another person.
A conditioned response I haven’t upleveled.
And the list goes on…

I am 100% ‘at cause’.

I never want it to be me but it is ALWAYS me. Without exception.

Once I get over myself and my need to be right and perfect, I’m so grateful for this recognition because it always leads me to FREEDOM.

When I put this together, it was like the sky opened up to me and one of the keys to the Universe dropped into my life.

I’ve been grateful ever since.


When you are no longer willing to blame anyone else for your mood, your well-being, your experience, or your results…

When you choose to be personally responsible for ALL your outcomes (not just the good ones that you’re proud of, but ALL of them)… 

Then you are back in the driver’s seat as the brilliant creator that you are. 

You take back your creative agency and the control, if you will, over your life.

So if you’re blaming anyone for letting you down, if you’re resenting someone or something, ask yourself a better question…

What do I need to take responsibility for?

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