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The Mental Block That’s Keeping You From Your Goals

The Mental Block That’s Keeping You From Your Goals

By Amira Alvarez

You have big, audacious goals.

You’ve claimed it, gotten giddy about it, and decided to finally take the plunge towards your true desire.

You‘ve even got your foolproof plan in hand. But when you start taking action towards ityou get to one of the steps, and all you want to do is run.

There’s resistance. It looks like complete avoidance, subtle procrastination, and distraction (i.e. getting busy with other very important things, inopportune crises and more.)

There’s almost a feeling like you’re trying to mix oil and water.

What’s up with that??

This happens because you’re in conflict with your identity and subconscious programming.

You resist doing the work because it’s so contrary to what you have done before… it’s so far from how you typically see yourself.

Let’s say you want to release some weight.

If you have a self-image of being a frumpy woman who is about 30 pounds overweight, you might be able to use persistence to shed those extra pounds.

But eventually, you’ll gain it all back.

If you want to be the successful, kickass owner of a 7-figure business, but your self-image is of a helpless girl who always calls others for advice on what to do… there’s going to be resistance there.

Same thing if you see yourself as the penny-pincher, regardless of how much you’re making – the person who second-guesses every price tag and denies herself from buying anything “just because that’s the right way to be.”

You may be able to perform at the level you desire for a little while – you might even be relatively successful – but you’ll never unlock your true potential if this is how you see yourself.

It is critically important that you align your self-image with your goals.

If you’re not doing the work to change your self-image, you will only see incremental improvements in your life and your business.

Wouldn’t you rather make a quantum leap?

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