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The Polarity Of Desire And Expectation

By Amira Alvarez

There’s an aspect to my Manifestation Process that you may not have heard me talk a lot about…  it’s how you work the two poles of desire and expectation.

Claiming your desire is absolutely the first step of the process, but even if you’re taking action in alignment with calling that desire in, it may not happen if you’re not doing the work to get leverage over your subconscious programming and if you’re not truly EXPECTING it to happen.

What is expectation exactly?

It means you’re in the continuous expectation of the fulfillment of what you desire. You think about your desire… you fantasize, imagine, and play the movie of it happening… you feel it happening… you expect it to happen.

There’s no doubt… no wavering in your faith of it coming to fruition… no leaning on “plan B” or other backups in case it doesn’t happen. You act as though it will happen, because you expect it to happen.

There are a lot of different reasons why we can’t step fully into that expectation… all those reasons though have one thing in common… they create a double bind.

When you’re in a double bind you’re not giving a clear directive to Spirit and this causes you to get inconsistent or nonexistent results.

Sending a double-bind message is such a common way people derail the manifestation of their good.

But the good news is… if you master this? You’ll be able to master creating whatever you want with ease.

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