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The Thing About Freedom

By Amira Alvarez

Hi, Amira here…

Today I want to share with you the importance of being you. It seems so obvious… who else would you be?

Yet, the truth is most people squash who they truly are. They try to conform or contort themselves to fit other people’s expectations and be someone else… in small and large ways.

We learn this young. Don’t be ourselves…. Don’t be fully expressed… Don’t ask for what we want… DON’T ROCK THE BOAT… or we might be rejected.

And because we fear rejection, we cap our self-expression.

Yet, you weren’t put on this earth to be anyone but yourself.

You were put on this earth to be the best expression of yourself that you can be.

You were given a purpose, it is part of YOU, and IF you are capping the expression of your truth you are stopping the full expression of that purpose. No bueno!

In addition, FREEDOM, what so many entrepreneurs crave… isn’t just freedom over their time and schedule, it’s the freedom to truly be themselves… no matter what, fully expressed. Unshackled. Unlimited. Fully themselves. (“You can’t tell me what to do. You can’t tell me what to say.”)

FREEDOM means that nothing stops you from that… including money, what other people say, do, or think, worry, fear, any outside circumstance, or inside state.

The Law of Vibration states you need to be at the frequency of what you want to call it into your life for it to arrive. This is the Law.

If you are in business for yourself and you want FREEDOM, then you need to start being at that frequency… which means that you need to start expressing yourself, more and more fully.

This is essential. You have to move to more and more full expression of yourself… otherwise you will always be trapped. You’ll never get that freedom that you so crave.

When you feel trapped, limited, not free…  this directly affects the speed and extent to which your business grows. Take a look around at really successful businesses run by entrepreneurs… notice how expressed they are. Think Oprah. Think Beyonce. Think Richard Branson. The list goes on.

Today, look for the small and large ways that you contort yourself to fit other people’s expectations. How are you a party to your own limitation? How could be more fully expressed?

The more you express yourself and the truth of who you are, the faster you’ll achieve that freedom you so crave.



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