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The Truth About ‘Ease’ vs ‘Easy’ (A MUST READ)

By Amira Alvarez

Do you want it to be easy, or do you want a great f’ing life?

If you want a great life, you have to understand the difference between ‘ease’ vs ‘easy’.

Easy happens when we master a skill. Something that was once a challenge for us is now easy. Think about learning to swim or ride a bicycle. At one point it was hard, yet eventually, it became second-nature, something you didn’t have to think about anymore… easy peasy!! ;-)

This is true of making sales calls, showing up on a Facebook live, speaking on stages, speaking up to your boss, commanding a meeting or room, etc. These will become easy over time, the more you do them and get comfortable.

EASE, on the other hand, is… a state of mind… a way of being… WHILE we’re doing the work to build something of substance (whether that’s a business, a career, a relationship, or a huge increase in our bank account).

We’re pushing our edges, learning new skills, working hard to create what we want, but we’re shifting our ATTITUDE in how we approach it. 

  • We choose to feel delight during the day-to-day of business and life.
  • We work hard, but we let go of the ‘grind it out’ mentality that leads to burnout.
  • We experience challenges, but we navigate them with humor rather than frustration.
  • We remove the tension by taking actions quickly and with less ‘noise’ or story.

Challenge and hard work are where we grow, but we can choose to have an attitude of ease… to make simple shifts in our mindset and way of being… that lead to more EASE and more GROWTH.

How will you choose to create more ease in your life and work? What’s one shift in your attitude that you can make today?



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