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This Attitude Kills Your Cash Flow

This Attitude Kills Your Cash Flow

By Amira Alvarez

You want to make more money and increase your cash flow, yes?

Yet there are times (perhaps more often than you realize) when you’re saying things like, “Ugh! I just don’t want to do it!!”

So what is this about? And how does it affect your cash flow?

This is a block to making money—plain and simple.

You’ll know that it’s showing up for you if you’re in resistance and frustration about taking some sort of action (no matter how small or insignificant that action may seem), and whatever you’re faced with feels like a heavy weight pulling you down.

When you show up in your business with this kind of attitude, you stop the money flow… both on an energetic level and a practical level.

Energetically, having this attitude of resistance and resentment is like a giant stop sign to Spirit.

It’s saying that you’re not willing to grow and become more, which is exactly what the Universe is saying you must do in order to actualize your next-level income goals.

You must change your attitude.

This isn’t just “putting on a happy face.You’ve got to change your entire approach to doing the work of making money. You really, truly need to fall in love with ALL ASPECTS of your work.

On a practical level, this allows you to get the work of building your business done so much more easily and quickly.

This is what I live and breathe. It’s one of the things that allowed me to go from barely making 6-figures to making $700k in one year, then onto 7-figures.

How will you start practicing this today? I promise it will work for you as well.

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