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This Is The Secret To My Success

By Amira Alvarez

Sometimes I’m not a quick learner.

I’m not talking left brain stuff—THAT, I’ll say I do fairly easily. It was how I was raised to excel. I’m programmed to think that way, for which I’m incredibly grateful.

I’m talking about life lessons.

The stuff that actually takes you to the next level in your life.

Sometimes I need to get bopped on the head to be woken up (don’t we all!!) ;-)

When I’m in it, I’m not crazy about the process, but it works.

It gets my attention. I wake up.

I’m grateful for that too. #GratitudeForAllThings

I can say I’m not crazy about the process, but that’s old programming… to be resistant to what doesn’t feel good. That, however, I’ve learned over and over again, just makes it last longer.

Interesting, eh?

I can say I’m not crazy about the process, but it IS the process. It’s the way it works. Always. Zero exception. Again, no need to fight it. Embrace it as quickly as you recognize it.

That’s the secret.

  • How quickly can you do that?
  • How quickly can you recognize that you’ve been thrown out of heaven and instead of resisting the lesson that’s right in front of you, small or large, can you see the truth of it and embrace it?

This is how you quickly return to living that most delightful, “pinch me” life.

This is how you quickly return to moving the needle in your business.

This is how you keep growing, leveling up, and raising your vibration, no matter what.

This is my practice. Daily.

Walking the talk every day.

It is the secret to my success.

There. I just told you. Run with this. Please. :-)


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