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Today Proper Undergarments – Tomorrow The World!

By Amira Alvarez

“Today proper undergarments – tomorrow the world!”

This is something a new client posted the other day, and I had to chuckle because it’s true. ;-)

When you start going for more in your life and business, it usually starts with small shifts most people overlook. Upgrading from the old ratty undergarments to the sexy, expensive ones. Ordering the steak off the menu, rather than settling for something less pricey. Choosing to shop at the higher end store rather than grabbing what works ‘well enough’ from the bargain shop.

These little incremental shifts add up.

They raise your vibration and allow you to attract more of what you truly desire, because you’re no longer operating from an energy of settling. Of ‘good enough’.

You’re claiming your desires and showing the Universe, Spirit, Source that you KNOW you’re worthy of more, different, and better. That you value yourself and what you want.

Eventually, you’ll move up from things like going to the salon for a blowout to flying first class everywhere you go. You’ll invest in the experts and higher level team. You’ll get exactly what you want because you want it, not because the price tag says you can have it.

You’ll hold yourself, your team, your relationships, and your clients to a higher standard because you’re committed to becoming truly unstoppable and living an uncompromised life.

But it starts with those little things… like underwear!!

The Law of Sacrifice says that in order to call in something of a higher nature, you have to be willing to let go of something of a lower nature.

What in your life or business is declaring to the Universe, “I’m not worth more or better”?

What ways of being are telling Spirit that, “I’m okay settling for ‘good enough’”?

What thoughts are you thinking that declare to Source, “I’m unwilling to align myself with things of a higher nature; of a more positive, abundant, and resourceful vibration”?

If you’re willing to uplevel your experience, actions, thoughts, beliefs, and ways of being around the small things first, it won’t be long before you’re calling in more money, more support, more visibility, more respect, more love, more connection, more pleasure, more fun.

Where will you start today?


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