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Want More Out Of Life?

By Amira Alvarez

It’s a pretty good life you tell yourself. And it is! 

You certainly don’t want to be ungrateful…

Yet deep inside there is something yearning for more. 

It’s your essence. Your purpose. Your full potential… wanting to be expressed.

But it’s stuck, trapped underneath all the ‘shoulds’… beneath all the subconscious programming from your upbringing that got layered over your essence… 

These beliefs tell you how the world ‘should be’… but what if they weren’t correct? 

What if they were just stories that you kept repeating and reliving?

What you had a story about what it meant to be wealthy was inaccurate?

What if you had a story about what it meant to be deserving of what you want that was inaccurate?

And what if these inaccurate stories (beliefs) limited how big you went with your business or your career? What if they determined how hard you worked and what you worked on? Or even what you allowed yourself to dream of and want? 

What if they kept you from your greatness?

They do!

So, how do you break free? How do you step into your truth and stop being trapped by your stories?

You HAVE to look at your results (sales, income, impact, relationships, weight, etc). 

Your results don’t lie. They tell you exactly what you’re choosing to believe about the world, yourself, and others.

Based on the results that you’re getting, can you identify what story you’re telling about yourself, the world, or others?

Here’s an income example…

If you’re not making the income you want, you may have a story that it’s hard to make money or you have to sell your soul to have a successful business or that it needs to take a long time or that women are bad at business, etc.

There are so many possible stories that could lead to limited income. What are yours?

And what story do you tell yourself that is holding you back from your greatness?


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