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What’s Your Phoenix Rising?

By Amira Alvarez

What does it mean to reinvent yourself?

Especially if you kind of like yourself… a lot…already?

Do you have to burn it all down and like the Phoenix, rise up again from the ashes?

Or is there another way to call forth the next iteration of you, your life, and your business? 

To be honest, I’m constantly assessing and calling forth more. That’s what I live and breathe. Change is something I’m used to and crave. I’m certainly not afraid of change. You too?

But there are times when what needs to come forward feels bigger than the regular iteration of personal and business growth. It feels closer to a tectonic shift.

A shift that’s ready to rock you to your core. And you can FEEL it.

There are days, even months, when you try to look away and ignore it, and go on like business as usual. 

Because quite frankly it feels like a lot to manage. It would be so much easier to pretend you didn’t feel the call.

But when the call is made, the call is made. 

When your soul will no longer be ignored… there will be a rebirth. That’s for sure!

This is what I’ve been going through… for months… and months.

It’s been both frustrating and delightful.

The frustration has come because…

  • I’ve simply wanted to know the answer, even before I was truly prepared to receive it. Granted, patience has always been a challenge for me. But when it takes months upon months of leaning in… I was definitely tested. A lot of meditation helps
  • I’ve wanted to know the answer before I’ve walked the path. This is classic. Wanting to have certainty before taking action. There’s no such thing. You have to become more to have more. You must walk the path. F&*k!!!!
  • I wanted it to be easier BUT I was totally resisting. I was not listening to my Team. I was not listening to myself. And I was not listening to my SOUL. Ouch! But that’s the truth. Got to admit it. The “ego me” had her heels dug in resisting the call, denying the ease that was right there for me if I just said YES.

On the delightful front… 

  • I’ve said YES. This feels so good. I’ve handed over the reins of implementation to my über competent Team, which of course includes my soul 😉, and stepped into open-hearted trust.  The adventure begins!
  • I picked the theme Phoenix Rising for the upcoming Spirit of Wealth retreat months ago… long before I recognized that I myself was in a full rebirth journey. 🤪 How beautiful and delightful is that? I love it when things just work out.
  • I’ve gone from frustrated to excited. Game on for the next level of manifestation. 

But to go back to the beginning of this missive and answer the questions… What does it mean to reinvent yourself? Do you have to burn it all down and like the Phoenix, rise up again from the ashes?

What I’ve learned in this journey is that no… it doesn’t mean that you have to burn it ALL down. But YES there will be aspects of who you are and what you’re doing that you will need to let go of. 

This is the Law of Sacrifice… you must let go of something of a lower nature to let in something of a higher nature.

Including, often, what you find near and dear, whether in business or in life.

The bigger the sacrifice the scarier it will be… until you LEAP! 

I’ve lept. Will you?

Is there something that you feel needs to dramatically change in your life or business? 

Are you primed for reinvention but the clarity hasn’t come into focus?

With a little more clarity, would you have the hutzpah to leap?


Then join us at Phoenix Rising where I walk you through… 

How to let go of what needs to be released…

How to become more of WHO you are to receive more of WHAT you want, and…

How to create an expanded version of an already great life and business.

I’ll share both my Phoenix Rising process with you, my personal journey AND the outcome of it. 

It will be a surprise that won’t surprise you…. Because everything one steps into is actually the obvious next step.

What will it be for you?

Note => If you’re in Colorado, or want to get yourself there, and join our Spirit of Wealth program and this Phoenix Rising event Oct 6th-8th, please click here to apply to the program and have a call with me. 

Although last minute, and clearly time is of the essence, we thought for the right woman, who’s craving a community of powerful female entrepreneurs and is willing and ready to make a leap, we ought to extend this offer. 

The work we’ll do will be deep. 
It won’t be for the faint of heart.
You will need to go all-in.

But the result? REINVENTION.

So if it’s your time to either change up your life or take your business to the next level this is an invitation, because we wouldn’t want you to miss out. We’re just days away. Click here to go through our application process. Let’s discover what your Phoenix Rising is going to be.

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