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When You Can’t Seem To Make It Work

By Amira Alvarez

“Arrrrgh, why can’t I make this work?!”

This is what I exclaimed to myself in frustration back when I was still in the ‘grind it out’ mode of growing my business. I had grown my income significantly, but how I was working my business wasn’t sustainable.

This is an important first step acknowledging when what we’re doing isn’t sustainable.

Have you felt this frustration?

Maybe it’s around the number of hours you have to work (for entrepreneurs this tends to be more than a full-time job)… 

Maybe it’s that you don’t have time for the people and things you love… 

Maybe it’s that you’re grinding it out, but still don’t have the income you desire and you know you can’t just 10x your work hours to get there. What gives!?

Whatever it is, you’re ready to learn some new rules to business and figure out how to make it work… specifically, how to hit six or seven figures in your business, WITHOUT overwhelm or burnout.

The first step?  Focus.

What is ONE THING—one big, important thing—that will move the needle in your business?

Do you know? If not, start by reverse engineering from your goal.

Want to make more money? You need to focus on mastering sales and outreach.

Want to grow without hitting up against those same upper limits or limiting beliefs? You need to focus on your mindset and releasing the ‘double binds’ that keep you stuck.

Want to move a specific project forward? You need a strategic plan.

What’s your one thing? And how will you focus on that one thing going forward?



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