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Why “Hell Yeahs” Are Good Business

By Amira Alvarez

You know what’s a good business practice?

Showing up and getting things done. Pretty obvious, right?

Yet many of us make this unintentionally hard for ourselves.


We have a way of ignoring what’s working, what we’ve done, and only see what’s still left to do, the unfinished business, or the next task or project.

This is called “success dysmorphia.”

We change our successes to be something that is not enough. In our pursuit of more, we don’t see them as successes. In fact, we often ignore them entirely in our focus on what’s next or what’s not working.

This can feel like you’re always carrying a burden and even causes anxiety.

One quick and easy way to turn this around for yourself is to celebrate your wins consistently.

At the end of each day (or the beginning of the next) ask yourself… What were your 3 wins from today? Or if you’re doing it the next morning… What were your 3 wins from yesterday?

This particular framing of the question comes from Dan Sullivan.

If you consistently ask this question of yourself, you’ll start to walk through your day looking for the wins, as opposed to looking for the “not enough.”

This is an immediate mindset reset.

If you use it consistently, over time, this will become your default stance.

When you start to say “hell yeah” and high-five yourself consistently, you start to recognize all that you are already doing.

You’ll start to feel more satisfied and happy with yourself and it’s from this feeling state that you can really soar.

This is a powerful way to unleash your power to show up and take action in the world with ease.

Sure, we can use the fear of not doing enough to motivate ourselves but that doesn’t feel particularly good and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead, motivate yourself by seeing your wins.

This is fearless motivation. Be fearless.

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