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Achieving Goals Requires Consistency

Why Inconsistency Is Stopping You from Achieving Goals

By Amira Alvarez

What are the results that you want in your business? Are you achieving goals consistently? Every month? Month after month?

Are they so reliable that you could bet your bottom dollar on them and be 100% certain of winning that bet??? 

For instance, most people want to make a certain amount of income in their business–that’s one of their main goals, up there with making a difference for their clients and customers. 

But their cash flow is radically inconsistent. It goes up and down in a feast or famine cycle.

Where does this stem from?

If you live and work according to Law, you know that The Law of Cause and Effect says for every effect (result) there is a cause.

Inconsistent results in your revenue mean you’re being inconsistent in the causes you’re putting into effect. 

Discipline is “a thing.” It’s required and yet so many people rail against it and say… “I just don’t want to. I only want to go with the flow.” 

I love being in flow. Don’t get me wrong. It’s so luscious and divine. But without any structure, your flow won’t be focused enough to create the result you want. In fact, you can destroy your chances of success simply by being in all flow without the structure or consistency that’s required. 

You’ll be going here then there, doing a little bit of this, then that, constantly dabbling but never doing anything consistently enough, with enough structure, to get results.

Consistency is a way to put a demand on the Universe. It’s saying “I’m so committed to what I want that I will not be denied.” That consistency gets you achieving goals.

An easy way to create structure (the masculine element) while still allowing for flow (the feminine element) is to be consistent.

What will you do every day or every week that will move the needle in your business? What are your consistent, habitual actions? Once you know that, then you can have endless flow about how you do that. 

As you can see, the solution is easy on the surface: 1) What are the needle moving things in your business? 2) Figure out a schedule to do these that you can keep to consistently. 3) Bring on the supportive ease and flow within that structure.

But it’s not so easy when you dig into what’s actually getting in the way… because I bet you’ve made a lot of plans and created great schedules you haven’t kept to. So, what gives?

You have a blindspot–something that you can’t see–that’s keeping you from showing up for yourself. Consciously you want what you want, but subconsciously you’re sabotaging your actions. You’re not achieving goals. 

This is the Cause behind the Cause. There is always a ‘Train of Causation.’

The biggest bummer about all this? It’s unnecessary to stay blind to what’s causing your inconsistency, in the dark, ignorant of what’s stopping you. . 

There’s no reason for you to be operating in your business without clarity, consistency, AND RESULTS! I want you to be achieving goals!

Want to figure out what your self-sabotaging subconscious blindspot is? 

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