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You Are Always First Cause

By Amira Alvarez

You are always first cause in the physical realm.

That’s the Law of Cause and Effect. Every action you take, the words you speak, the way you’re showing up, how you’re BEING in your life, relationships, and business… all of that creates a ripple effect, putting other things into motion in a very specific way.

If your business feels hard and overwhelming… you are at cause for that.

This isn’t about blame or shame or making yourself wrong. It’s not about feeling crappy. It’s about taking 100% personal responsibility for the results you’re creating (or not creating).

That’s it.

You have to look at the choices you’re making… the experiences you’re tolerating… the thoughts you’re thinking… where you’re stopping short.

Because that’s one way we self sabotage… we stop. We give up and decide that things are too hard or overwhelming and we should try something else.

Frustration and overwhelm are not signs to stop.

They’re opportunities.

Something you’ll hear me say a lot, especially if you’re a member of The Posse is, “there’s ALWAYS tension in the growth.”

Growth requires stretching yourself beyond the point you’ve always operated from… moving outside your level of comfort… it requires stepping into spaces and ways of being that are completely unfamiliar and new.

Of course there’s tension, frustration, and overwhelm… even chaos.

When you OWN that you’re first cause—when you see these things as opportunities rather than spinning out or giving up—then you’re able to make changes.

You’re able to grow.

Frustration, tension, overwhelm show us where we need to make changes. Where we need to hire team… improve systems… rework our packaging. They show us where we need to move beyond our fears, limiting beliefs, and stories so we can do more, have more, earn more.

When you take 100% personal responsibility for your experience in your business, you step into the position of being a powerful creator.

Tell me… do you know what the frustration and overwhelm are showing you? Are you aware of what cause you’re putting into effect? Do you know what needs to change so you can experience more ease as you grow?

Take some time today to notice where you’re feeling frustration and overwhelm… where you want to just stop or give up… and trace those feelings to the root.

OWN that experience fully and CREATE a different outcome.

It’s always a choice… and it’s always within your power.


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