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You Sit Down at Your Desk—and Then This Blocks Your Goals

You Sit Down at Your Desk—and Then This Blocks Your Goals

By Amira Alvarez

You sit down at your desk in the morning, fire up your laptop, and prepare yourself to seriously achieve some goals. 

Then, after taking a long sip of your coffee, you crack your knuckles and sit tall, ready to slay the day.

But… things don’t go exactly as you predicted.

You get interrupted by people, kids, your own thinking. Client issues pile on. Your inbox explodes… eventually you’re in total reactive mode, putting out fires, jumping from one thing to the next.

Sure, some problems can’t be ignored—but you start to feel a nagging sense of guilt over the unchecked goals on your growing to-do list.

By the time you make it back to your pillow, you feel exhausted and let down.

You worked hard all day… but somehow you only made a tiny smidgen of progress on your big goals. Nothing like you’d hoped.

You replay the day in your head, thinking of all the things you could have done.

Does this happen too often than you’d like to admit?

Well, I hate to break it to you… but you’re trapped in a cycle that will keep you playing small and making a fraction of what you’re capable of.

If you want to earn more money, have more time, and experience more freedom, you can’t do those things if you’re not willing to get leverage over yourself and your limiting beliefs.

At some point, you have to make a completely conscious decision to do things differently.

To take actions that move you forward, despite the fear… despite other obligations… despite excuses… despite it all.

This starts with mastering your cybernetic mechanism. This is the thing that either:

  1. Propels you forward toward massive success, OR

  2. Keeps you stuck playing at the same level, day in and day out.

When you master this mechanism, you make room for your lit-up life!

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