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A game-changer question to ask yourself.

By Amira Alvarez

Last week I wrapped up the first retreat of 2020 with the Spirit of Wealth Mastermind and Masterclass women. It was PHENOMENAL, and we dug into exactly what it takes to hit your income breakthrough goals quickly...

When it comes to creating a lasting income breakthrough—having the kind of lifestyle, revenue, and career that you desire—you have to ask yourself: what am I waiting for?

If you answer this honestly for yourself, it can be a game-changer.

For most, there’s a list of external things that lead us to believe now isn’t the right time…

  • I’m already too busy, I can’t add anything to my plate.
  • It’s not in my current plan, that’s for next year (or sometime down the line).
  • I need to get this certificate, update my website, do xyz first.
  • I have kids, commitments, and so many obligations.
  • I don’t have the time, money, support, or thumbs up from my partner.

Or how about, “things are just fine right now, I’m doing great!” (Which you may be but you actually want more… and if you’re not growing, you’re dying!)

You need to shift into a Success Mindset that says, “I can have all that I desire now, and more!” …really CLAIMING those big, juicy desires—RIGHT NOW, not someday.

The next step is implementing and operating from a strategy that’s aligned for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS… taking inspired action daily. Showing up as that next-level version of yourself NOW. Closing the gap on where you are and where you want to be more quickly.

The HOW is actually quite simple… but it all begins with:

No more waiting. No more putting it off. No more prioritizing everything else first.

Nothing outside of you has to change for you to have an income breakthrough—or for you to have MORE TIME, FREEDOM, JOY, and IMPACT.


What has to change is the INTERNAL operating system that influences everything you say, do, believe, and create. That internal mindset directly impacts whether or not things work externally… it affects EVERYTHING… including the never-ending cycle of reasons that lead to waiting and never fully actualizing on your purpose and potential.

So, I want you to tell me… what are you waiting for, NAME?

Hit reply and share what you’re going to do to start moving forward TODAY (and I’ll help you out if you’re struggling with how). :-)

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